View Full Version : Need help with Bag/Pack MBP 15

Jun 11, 2010, 03:13 PM
I have already ordered the Tom Bihn Horizontal Brain Cell 4Z (steel color)
with an absolute shoulder strap
totaling around about $90

but after doing some more searching I found some other bags that I really like...what do you guys think.

I love the look of the WaterField Muzetto 15
But have not seen it in real life or pictures of the 15in version...does anyone on the forums have this bag? Hows the protections and how does it look once wore.

Another beautiful bag was this one
I wish it came in a born color but the price seems well and the bag looks great I was also wondering what kind of protection it offers.

BTW I used to own an incase sleeve but did not like the fact that I couldn't carry my charger, notebook (and hopefully a 1" binder would be ideal), mouse, ipod touch, and few other electronics and writing/drawing utensils.

Without any type of protective sleeve...I made my own microfiber sleeve and my switch gear backpack has a laptop compartment so it also offers protection and the microfiber offers scratch protection and also can be use as a cleaning cloth. Cheap and usable solution for the mean time.

Another good bag that caught my eye was http://www.tumi.com/sundance/folsom-slim-backpack-146110/