View Full Version : Apple Tv usb port external hard drive expansion questions?

Jun 14, 2010, 11:29 PM
So i am making a PC media unit with Itunes and a 1tb drive just dedicated to Music and video. But if i was going to do all this hard work i thought about getting a Apple Tv but the dang hard drive is too small. I do not wish to stream the content because i would like to take it on vacation to me. So the question is how to i get the usb port "unlocked" to install the external hard drive. I have a Pc so i can't run Terminal like the Macs can. So i don't know what to do. All the instructions are for Macs. Will the Atv usb creator do the job or no? If not how the heck would i unlock it.

Jun 14, 2010, 11:44 PM
PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/)

Jun 15, 2010, 11:49 PM
PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows Thanks for that except it's not really what i'm looking for. Yes it will give me the mac method, but instead of downloading it is there a way to do it from a download or a patchstick?

Jun 16, 2010, 11:02 AM
The ATV USB does not support an external drive?

Jun 16, 2010, 01:10 PM
AppleTV runs on a Special Version of os x. So you still need to use OS X commands.
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Jun 16, 2010, 01:16 PM
You'd need something like TransMac to format the drive though.

The actual commands when you connect will be the same, you may need some OSX files though.

Jun 16, 2010, 07:10 PM
Thank You to all. I think i might just leave it for now. i will finish the media unit and then go from there. Won't have enough money, might buy a mac.