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Oct 19, 2004, 02:46 PM
Category: Apple Services
Link: iTunes/iPod Commercial casting call (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20041019154626)
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Oct 19, 2004, 04:15 PM
does anyone have a link to the actual story? macbytes isnt loading for me and im curious!!

Oct 19, 2004, 04:24 PM
It's a listing on Craig's List for talented people who like iTunes and the iPod to participate in a new commerical. Nothing else was said, not even if it will be an Apple commercial.

Oct 19, 2004, 04:54 PM
Yes...That's my in!

Oct 19, 2004, 05:11 PM
All I've been able to find is that these people have been hiring for "five commercial spec spots and two music videos to be shot on 35mm in early November." Sounds like it's not actually work for Apple.