View Full Version : REplace harddrive in orange ibook

Oct 20, 2004, 11:37 AM
I have installed a 12gb Toshiba harddrive in my ibook clamshell 300mhz.
But now i have a problem..
The disk seems to work ok but it wouldnt boot!
If i start from my mac OS 9 cd it boots and the installation program startas and then i can format the drive and install OS 9 without problem but when i then reboot it it wouldnt boot from the harddrive.
I have tryed installing Panther too but the disctool in the installationprogram doesnt even find a hardrive... just my CD..

Anyone got any ide whats causing my problem?
I have set the harddrive to master because the originaldrive was master to.

I hope you can read and excause my bad english..