View Full Version : iPod Quandry

Oct 25, 2004, 06:50 PM
Whenever I use my 20GB iPod (Scroll Wheel&Dock Connector) with my iMac DV SE, the 'pod keeps running as if it were still being accessed even after I've shut down. This only happens when I forget to eject it (duh) but I do this somewhat regularly and so it can't be good for the battery and sometimes when I go to get it the battery is dead. This prob has been plaguing me since I got my iPod last December.
I was wondering if anyone else experiences this, and if I could get a script or app that would always eject the 'pod incase I forget (I did last night so it needs charging... this is the last straw) so this won't happen again.
Oh, BTW I have 10.3.5 w/ all the updates (But it used to happen in 10.2) and iTunes 4.6 (But it happened w/4.0)