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Jul 11, 2010, 04:39 PM
my imac g5 just died and i need to make something work. i have a mbp from work, but don't can't load all of my music and photos on it. since i can't figure out how to fix the imac, i was wondering if anyone knew how to set up an ibook g3 as a media server. it has a small hard drive, but can i somehow connect the ibook to the web and to my external hard drive and access the files remotely?

thanks for any suggestions.

Jul 12, 2010, 09:23 AM
Hey Dman,

I myself am using and iMac g3 as a server for music/apps over a wired ethernet network (though my solution should work with wireless too). You'll want a free program, Called SharePoint.

Google and Install Share Point on the computer you want to use as a server, then "Get info" by right clicking whatever drive/partition you want to share, ultimately the location should be "Desktop : DRIVE_NAME_HERE" no spaces. In my case the location of my drive is "Desktop : Server" no spaces (You'll need this, keep it handy)


Now you want to open SharePoint and setup the "Users & Public Shares" Click that tab, Input required data I.E. User name/Password desired, i used the Admin Group in the group drop-down list as my Group, Now click Get Next UID and it will generate a number. Lastly select add new user.


The las steps include setting up the desired drive/partition that you want to be shared. Do this by clicking "Normal" shares tab, Enter the desired name for the share, like iBook, enter the Drive location in directory box (This is where the Desktop : DRIVE_NAME come in) Select to enable the apple files server (AFS) and select create new share.


You can now access this by clicking "Go" "Connect to Server" and then typing in the IP Address for that computer (Make sure your Sharing in System prefrences is enabled, it will tell you your macs location/ip address)
It will ask for password and username for that computer, Put in your ibooks shortname and password (not the shortname/pass you just created in SharePoint) then a list of all your drives/partitions will presented, click desired one and it will connect you (you'll have an icon on your desktop just double click it)

Now you can seamlessly drag and drop files between your computer to the iBook (vice-versa) and even browse the files on the iBook remotely which is great, because i do a little web design and host it on the iMac, with this program i never have to leave my desk. I even host some programs on it like MS Office to save space on my eMac.

Jul 12, 2010, 09:27 AM
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