View Full Version : iPhone 3GS iPod app voice control help

Jul 12, 2010, 09:05 AM
Hey guys, sadly my first post here is a cry for help :o

To the point, I have an iPhone 3GS with iOS4. I tried using the Voice Control today and it works pretty well until I try it with a song. Commands like 'Play album The Resistance' works a treat but once the song gets rolling, I can't activate voice control and ask 'What song is this?' like I've seen in the guides and the videos. It just tells me 'No music is playing' and goes off and then the song continues.

Am I doing something wrong? 'Next song' and others do not work either.


Ok I think I've solved it somewhat. I just had to bring the iPhone closer. It doesn't explain why the mic didn't work but meh, if it works, it works. Thanks though guys for anyone reading :). This is a nice forum for an international user like me.