View Full Version : logitech presenter?

Nov 8, 2004, 10:48 PM
Anybody have any experience using logitech presenter with os x ?
logitech won't support it for the mac, but i've been using their mx900 mouse w/ my mac with no problems. what's up w/ logitech not supporting mac as much as it should anyway?


iBook G4/ 12"/ 800Mhz/ 640 MB/ 60 GB/ AE/ BT
PowerMac G5/ 1.8 Ghz X2/ 3.0 GB / 250 GB X2/ BT/ 23" AC

Nov 9, 2004, 07:08 PM
This is how far I got with the Logitech Presenter:

I can pair it w/ my iBook's built-in bluetooth using 0000 pairing key. It works fine except the right button (button 2) won't go to previous slide in presenter mode (using Powerpoint 2004). The LCC 1.4.1 software won't even detect the device. 3rd party software won't fix the button issue (gamepad companion / usboverdrive).

Now I tried using the USB bluetooth dongle supplied by Logitech. The Presenter device paired with the dongle, no problem. I get the same right button (button 2) problem. However this time LCC 1.4.1 actually detects my device and lets me go to the configuration window. Unfortunately, no matter what I set button 2 to do (left key, page up, command-click), it won't move my powerpoint presentation back a slide.

Anyone have any advice ? I have emailed logitech support, they really should support the mac for the BT devices.