View Full Version : Read Only SQLite Data with User Entered Data

Jul 15, 2010, 04:28 PM
I am developing an application where I need the ability to have both Pre-defined (read only) data and User entered data in the database. The idea is to periodically upload the Read-only portion of the data through application upgrade and leave the user entered data intact. I am using SQLite3 (not Core Data) database for persisting.

I was thinking of 3 options (there may be more)

1. During application upgrade, I can selectively load additional data into certain tables and leave user entered tables intact, or
2. Create 2 databases - one for read only (DB-RO) and another for User entered data (DB-U). During Application Upgrades just replace the DB-RO and leave DB-U intact. Use ATTACH statement to reference data from both DBs within the application, or
3. Programmatically upload additional data from a web site using web services

Is there any other options ?

I was looking for book or article with code on the 3 options above - unfortuntely only very little I could find.

Can anyone help, Thx