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Jul 20, 2010, 05:59 PM








Speck Pixelsleeve Plus

I looked around at many of the sleeves available, before settling on this model. I wanted one that could go through airport security without a problem, and this is the only one I saw that met all guidelines (check the TSA website for more details).

Beyond airport functionality (I've tested it several times in several airports since purchase), it also protects the iPad well. As you can see in the images, not only is there protection from the outside material, but there are also "bumpers" built into it around the edges. The one up by the zipper folds over the iPad when it's in the case.

I've found that the Pixelsleeve perfectly fits the iPad plus Xgear folio case.

Xgear Folio Case

Great case overall. It's slim, lightweight, and acts as an ideal typing stand. I've been using it for about a month now, and have no issues to report with build quality or functionality. The loop that holds the closing tab does loosen up a bit, but not to the point where it has any impact on function.

It also looks great. I've gotten numerous compliments. Some people have complained online, suggesting it's ugly, etc, but the thing with this case is it does not photograph well. Its appearance changes with different lighting and orientation, so a photo, by necessity, won't capture the dynamic nature of the finish. I can't imagine anyone who actually sees this in person thinking it's unattractive or inappropriate, unless they're an aesthetically conservative über-professional, working in a jacket and tie environment.

The only real downside to the case (which I don't consider a downside) is that it leaves the sides of the iPad exposed to a certain degree. This is the reason I purchased the Pixelsleeve for point A to point B travel, so that the sides don't get marred by pens or whatever else happens to be in my briefcase.

Power Support Screen Protectors

Everyone extolled the virtues of the PS anti-glare, so I bought one. It was a nightmare to install properly, but I finally got it right, powered on my iPad....and hated the way it looked. It kills the natural vibrancy of the screen, and causes a pixelating/screen door effect. Apparently most people aren't as picky as me and won't notice this, but I did, and it bothered me to the point that I had to have it replaced.

Went down to Powersupport in Burbank (CA), and they switched it out to the crystal no problem. They also installed it for five bucks, which was great (highly recommended if you're in So Cal).

So yes, there is a marginal amount of glare. But it's never been enough to bother me. In practice, with the way the iPad is held and used, your head blocks most extraneous light. I went outside one morning in full sunlight and typed for about two hours with no issues. For me, the little bit of glare, which is rarely troublesome, is far easier to deal with than the global loss in quality one experiences with anti-glare.

My main recommendation with a screen protector is get someone to install it that guarantees the install. Some stores will say "I'll do it, but there might be bubbles, etc," whereas places like Powersupport will back it up and make sure you're happy before you leave. Just food for thought.


Overall, I'm pretty happy with this trio of accessories. None of them has given me a serious reason to complain, and all are fulfilling their intended functions without a problem.

Nov 27, 2010, 06:40 AM
Figured I'd drop in with a little update. I've been using all of the aforementioned products for about five-ish months now, and am glad to report they're all still performing like the day they were purchased.

The x-Gear folio is awesome, and does everything I want it to do. I'm not sure what the latest and greatest cases are, but the x-gear is a worthwhile consideration if you're in the market. I paid about $75 for mine, and am now seeing them on eBay for less than half that...def worth it at that price.

The sleeve and screen protector are both holding up well and performing as expected. Recommended.

Dec 1, 2010, 07:57 PM
I can vouch for the PS Crystal Film being top-notch, as well as the great service at the Power Support store in Burbank which does great, fast and cheap installs.