View Full Version : Recovering files off of a CompactFlash card

Nov 13, 2004, 06:42 PM
somehow, when I was trying to transfer pictures to my powerbook, the computer froze up and I had to restart, next thing I know, the pictures on the card are gone.

Now, i've run this program "mediaRecover" on it, and it found the pictures, but the @#$%ing full version costs like $30-40, and I dont want to pay that much for a program im only going to use once, its ridiculous.

Now, its there anyway I can recover the files for free... maybe there is a way through the terminal or something? i dunno.

Nov 13, 2004, 07:20 PM
Stupid question: How many times have you tried to recover the data off that flash card since the PowerBook froze?

I've had the same problem in the past (with a machine freezing half-way) and when I tried again, the machine said the there were no mountable file systems available. I tried 2 or 3 more times and it ended up working.

Nov 13, 2004, 07:36 PM
well, it still mounts, it just says it has 122mb free space (128mb card)

I've only tryed recovering it once (with the program I mentioned earlier), and all the pictures are there, just not showing up.