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Jul 21, 2010, 05:55 PM
Simple and fun to play. No shooting. No on-screen controls. Just slide your finger and Spirit will mimic your movements.

Check out what's being said about it:
- "Spirit is a paradigm example of independent game development for the iPhone" - 'Must Have', No DPad
- "If you're looking for a challenging new arcade experience, this one's easy to recommend" - Touch Arcade
- "Spirit is a budget gem you donít want to miss" - TouchGen
- "One of the best arcade-style apps on the App Store right now" - GameZebo
- "The experience is incredibly fluid and seamless. It just feels right, and no amount of screen-shots can do it justice" - themacfeed.com
- "Hypnotic, compelling stuff" - The Sunday Times
- "Slick control scheme meets fantastic visual effects and sound design; this is the complete arcade package" - Games Uncovered


- The iPad version runs 50% faster than the iPhone, in addition to adding a bigger play area with up to 60% more enemies on screen. Play the game the way it's meant to be played!
- Switch between portrait or landscape mode, at any point.

OpenFeint enabled.

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