View Full Version : Pages, can't trust it yet.

Jul 22, 2010, 08:24 AM
So I had a deadline to meet and thought I could get some of my work done on the train so I downloaded Pages. I read a lot of reviews about the app changing parts of ones document, but I thought since my document consisted of one table, I would be fine.

I used GoodReader to snag my document and put in on my iPad.

I opened pages and my word document was in front of me but my one page paper was now running into a second page. The fonts also changed because Pages could not support Times New Roman or Ariel, I was prepared for this though.

I did my work anyway and mailed it back to myself later on. When I opened the document on my computer. It was again different than on the iPad.

I then decided to see how it handled a simple letter that included bullet points. pages failed on this one as well as it changed my one page document in two again.

A little disappointed in Apple on this one as I can't really use it for work related documents for fear I look incompetent in front of my peers.

Does anyone know of an application that is reliable for word processing and is compatible with Word?