View Full Version : Firewire drive... it's all going a bit pear shaped

Nov 16, 2004, 07:59 PM
Righto, I have the 320GB LaCie extreme (and it's fast and lovely).

But it's started doing weird ****** of late - I use MacDrive 6, the most recent version, to share it with my PC and it's been there for a while. I need to move some big files so it's now connected to my Powerbook, and one of my volumes is... well, not there.

Last time I connected it to my PB, it showed up one of the volumes with a folder icon, and not the firewire drive icon. Weird, OK, I thought, things screw p sometimes. I'll restart and it'll be fine.

I didn't bother restarting.

So now I've connected, and it's only recognising Mojo, my clone drive, and not Jojo, my dump drive.

OK, so I'll repair the disk in disk utility. Nu-uh, disk verifies fine, both volumes show up. Whilst it's verifying, the icon changes to a FW drive for a second, then once it's finished, it returns to "unknown" (the blank file). I've posted a picture of my Disk Util window - it's weird. The volume shows verified, attached but with no files and no folders. I'm confused.