View Full Version : Speculate: Digital Video Ecosystem

Nov 17, 2004, 10:50 PM
Now that Apple's digital audio ecosystem is more or less complete, I wonder what Apple's digital video ecosystem will look like. Microsoft's Media Center crap is slowly starting to catch on, so they need to make their entrance soon. I'm talking Movies, possible TiVo funcionality, etc..

To quote the recent NYT article:
Mr. Jobs declines to discuss his product plans. He has been openly contemptuous of attempts to add video playback to hard-drive music players, as Microsoft has with its new design called Portable Media Center. And other Apple executives pointed out that the Media Center PC had not been a success in the market until recently, and that Apple tried to sell computers with TV tuners in them a few years ago, with disappointing results.

Longtime Apple watchers say they recognize a pattern. In the past, they say, Mr. Jobs has often dismissed a market as irrelevant before introducing just such a product, with a great flourish. He then explains that he has solved the problems his lesser competitors couldn't. It worked stunningly well with music. And many expect that he will try again, with some products related to television.

Audio Ecosystem: iTunes, iTunesMusicStore, iPod, Airport Express(audio only), etc..

Video Ecosystem: ?

What do you think!?