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Jul 29, 2010, 05:30 PM
I have google calendar to manage an online availability checker for clients, and a few other personal things, but really, I am in limbo here.

I just used the built in calendar to create my first few tasks. The built app in seemed to push an alert from a google account for an email but not one associated with my gmail account such that a guest invitee got a google calendar request. How can I change the email it used?

Is there an option that will allow me to not sync but work directly in google calendar? I just read a post on a new calendar (Pocket Informant), but it seems to be based on syncing...not direct access.

Any options for direct access? Or is sync the only way to go?


Aug 12, 2010, 04:16 PM
No replies? Does anybody have any input on this?

Not trying to bump my own thread...not sure if that is taboo...my apologies if it is...but I do have some additional info to add.

I created a bunch of new events while I was at work yesterday...and they showed up in my work schedule...work that uses outlook 2007. I suppose that the iPad used my iMap work email #####@beaumont.k12.tx.us and populated my schedule for me. That was nice.

But I also noticed that an invitee who had gmail got not on the invitee...but it showed up in her calendar. So, I tried adding myself (my gmail address) as an invitee...and sure enough, the items are added to my calendar! WOW! How cool is that!!!

So, again, back to my original question, how can I get my Calendar, the built in app, to send and work form the gmail account that is the default account on my mail settings, not the iMap work email??


Aug 23, 2010, 08:47 PM
Ok, STILL no replies? Now I have a new question...and when I did a search for the answer, my own post was at the top of the list!?!

Is it not possible with the built in app to schedule a repeating event that occurs the first Monday of the month?

It doesn't appear to be an option...just hoping I am overlooking something.

If not, this makes Calendar pretty dang lame!


Aug 23, 2010, 09:40 PM
Is it not possible with the built in app to schedule a repeating event that occurs the first Monday of the month?

Can't be done at the moment - at least I can not find the ability to do so either. To be honest, the calendar app is woefully underdeveloped - it's missing a "To-do" list and is in no way as intuitive to use as it shoud be (page turning anyone?) etc. etc. so I am hoping (as are many others) that either Apple pulls finger and updates the calendar with iOS4, or someone out there produces a calendar that does everything that one needs in a nicely polished form.