View Full Version : Changing country/region on existing Itunes account

Jul 31, 2010, 06:00 AM
Hello All!
I'm looking for some advice on how i should go about my following situation regarding changing the 'country/region on my Itunes account after moving country....and i'm sure i am not the first to do this so any help would be much appreciated!

I used to live in the UK and at the time registered my ipod touch to the Itunes account.
I have now moved country and purchased the iphone 4, again registered it with Itunes but now i can't seem to change the country/region to my current location, Itunes defaults it to UK.

I have tried edditing my account info via Itunes but it still seems to go back to the previous info that i first entered.

:confused: Obviously i find this annoying because i can't have certain apps for where i am living now, i can only get UK apps which are not any use to me...

i hope this is all clear?!

Again any help would be awesome!

Thank you in advance