View Full Version : Postfix console messages

Aug 1, 2010, 11:19 AM

I am on 10.6.4 Server and running an rsync script via a cron job. In the script, I am emailing myself the rsync script output messages using the command:

/usr/bin/email -s "<Subject Line>" me@me.com

The script seems to be running fine, but during the whole time the rsync script is running, I'm getting the following console messages every 1 minute:

8/1/10 12:11:54 PM postfix/master [XXXX] master exit time has arrived
8/1/10 12:11:54 PM postfix/master [XXXX] daemon started -- version 2.5.5, configuration /etc/postfix
8/1/10 12:11:54 PM Firewall [XX] master is listening from proto=6
8/1/10 12:12:54 PM postfix/master [XXXX] ....

It seems to me that it's just postfix checking to see if rsync has finished so that it can email me the results, but since the rsync script runs >6hrs, its filling my console log. How do I get rid of it in a safe way?

Pls help,