View Full Version : question about my situation with Jailbreak + FT/MMS

Aug 1, 2010, 09:33 PM
OK so i installed the JB, upon rebooting I didnt have FT or MMS like others.

Didnt have any pre-JB backups on file (thought I did) so I wanted to restore to 4.0 with SHSH blob, restore froze up in the process (I think umbrella's fault), so I restored to 4.0.1, backed up, tried jailbreaking, and restore from that backup but it created another one that erased it... had to restore again.

Now on 4.0.1, fresh start with apps and contacts synced.

Should I JB again and use http://iphonedelivery.advinux.fr/cydia to fix FT+MMS or should I just wait for Comex to re-release the JB? Do you think there are other underlying problems or is this it?

Thanks guys! I can't believe I kept botching this :rolleyes:

Also, can't wait for unlock I need iPhone 4 for Europe in a month.