View Full Version : FS: MDD Dual 867 G4 Powermac

Nov 21, 2004, 06:50 PM
I'm figuring it's time to upgrade to a G5, so I'm getting rid of my G4 tower.

Here are the specs:

Dual 867 PPC G4
Combo Drive
DVD+/-RW Drive which works with a patch
260GB in HDD space
768mb of RAM
Apple Pro Keyboard (black)
Microsoft 2 button Optical Mouse
Apple Pro Speakers

Not sure about the video card, as I'm not home but I know it has 32mb of Video Ram.

This machine has been great to me, runs fast and does everything I want it to do, even UT, Photoshop and anything else you can imagine :)

Just looking to see if anybody is interested, my ebay account is mulletman13 if you would like to see some references.

Hope to get around $1100 shipped, OBO (sorry I don't really know prices so throw out an offer :) )