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Aug 5, 2010, 03:23 AM
Hi Gents and Ladies

I'm not 100% if i'm allowed to post this here, but please do inform me if i'm not aloud

I have here for sale my beloved 15" MBP that was Purchased in November 2009. Reason be behind the sale, i recently picked up a DSLR and i'm after a iMac and i really don't use the benefit of the MPB at the moment.

It has very rarely ever left the house, if it has would of been inside my bag, and when it isn't being used, its back into the laptop bag! It basically sits in my room and never leaves! which is the reason i'm after a iMac (:

Its in lovely condition and i've really looked after it as my baby like i do with all my things. It does a little nick on the bottom plate near the serial number, just a thin scratch around 1-2 centimetres if that.

Also has the tiniest little nick on the left had side near the Button for checking the current Battery charge! But you really can't see unless you get right up close the unibody structure and stare at it.

I can take some better pictures of these on request in the daylight if need be.


Software on the Machine.

Currently the machine is boot camped with Windows 7 With AutoCad 2010 installed on to it.

On the mac side it has Mac Office 2008 & iWork both CD's aren't available but can be Installed when needed, Its all ready to go for a student who's after a machine already loaded on with Mac Office or Boot Camp.


The Price:

The Computer with All the software loaded as stated above, orignal packaging cables boxing even the microfibre cloth and STICKERS! I'm after 1100

Just the unit by it self with the original packaging cables boxing even the microfibre cloth and STICKERS! I'm after 1000

Or give me your best offer.

Ben Hardingham.



United Kingdom - Essex - Thurrock - Pick up only




Aug 5, 2010, 03:26 AM
I believe this would have to be posted in the Marketplace. Which you would have to meet a minimum post requirement to post in there.