View Full Version : 5670 512 MB and games...Do you have some benchmarks?

Aug 11, 2010, 01:07 PM

I need to know if I can play some games before ordering the iMac.

The games are : Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, Mafia 2 (demo released this week), Starcraft 2 and some of Total War Saga; and the most important one, Team Fortress 2.

What can you tell me?

Aug 11, 2010, 01:54 PM
The 5670 in the imac is about the same as the mobility HD 5730 so here are some number from http://forum.notebookreview.com/gaming-software-graphics-cards/470683-ati-mobility-hd-5730-benchmark-review.html

3DMark '06
1280x1024 All Default
3DMarks: 7201
SM 2.0: 2615
SM 3.0: 3106
CPU: 3000

3D Mark Vantage
1280x1024 All Default
3DMarks: P3845
CPU: 10012
Graphics: 3190

Crysis (w/benchmark utility, DX10, 64 bits)
Resolution: 1280x720
All high settings, no AA: 27.84
All medium settings, 2x AA: 44.20
Crysis (w/benchmark utility, DX9, 64 bits)
Resolution: 1280x720
All high settings, no AA: 29.11

World in Conflict (Very high settings option, 4x AA/AF)
Resolution: 1366x768
Min/Avg/Max: 9/18/32

Resident Evil 5 (all high settings, 2x AA)
Resolution: 1360x768
DX10: 46.1
DX9c: 45.9

Stalker: Call of Prypiat (Day/Night/Rain/Sun shaft)
Resolution: 1366x768
Medium settings, 2x AA w/DX 10 AA, DX 10: 27.2/24.9/27.1/17.9
High settings, no AA, DX10: 36.6/37.2/41.0/20.2
High settings, no AA, DX11: 37.7/37.8/42.0/20.7