View Full Version : Harmony Remote and Audio Help for Mac Mini HTPC Running Plex

Aug 11, 2010, 02:35 PM
Today I setup a 2010 Stock 2.4GHz Mac Mini as an HTPC running Plex. I ripped all of my movie and tv show DVD's (using Handbrake), and am also using it for watching a few streamed TV shows. Everything looks amazing, except for 3 issues:

1) I bought a Harmony 300 Remote to control everything, but can't figure out how to map the Fullscreen (command-F) command to the remote. Any advice? I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has any neat Plex remote tricks to share.

2) In general, I can't get the Harmony 300 to interact with the Mac Mini. I would love to be able to have the remote wake the mini from sleep, and open (to fullscreen) and close Plex. So far, I have the Mini setup to automatically open Plex when it turns on. In the remote setup for Harmony, I entered Apple as the Manufacturer and Mac Mini as the Model #.

3) I'm having some audio/video sync issues with the TV programs in Plex. Is there a way to adjust this? fyi i'm using a generic 15 foot HDMI cable for video and audio

Thanks in advance for any advice!