View Full Version : login on a html-site, within an app

Aug 16, 2010, 10:02 AM
I am working on an App where the user has to login in order to get some protected data. I use OAuth to do this. As one part of the process, the user has to give in the username and password. When programming a web-site, this would lead to a redirect from my page to the login page and then back to my page again. My question is - is it possible to do this in the background in an App. I.e I use textFields and let the user insert the data. Without the user noticing it, this data is send exactly as if they where written in the fields on the html page.

I have implemented a version where I get this html page as html-code as response data and I can see it by printing this data in the console. The problem is - I do not know where to g from here. Any ideas???

Thanks alot in advance!