View Full Version : WTT: 1.33 GHz 12" PowerBook SD 1.25 GB RAM

Dec 5, 2004, 11:41 AM
Hey...I'm looking to trade my brand new 12" PowerBook for a 15" PowerBook if anybody is interested. I really like the 12", but it is too small to fit some of my needs. Perhaps someone else can find it a better home. :)

It's about a month old and features:
1.33 GHz G4 processor
1.25 GB RAM
60 GB HD
AirPort Extreme / Bluetooth

The computer sells for $2848 on the Apple Store.

I also bought AppleCare for the PowerBook, so it still covered under the warranty for another 2 years and 11 months. I'll also throw in an Apple Wireless Mouse.

I'm looking to trade for a 15" PowerBook, preferably the 1.5 GHz model, and I will pay extra if it is deemed necessary.

PM me or send an e-mail to mbulmer@gmail.com if interested.