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      Blackberry Q10 question
      Hello, I was recommended by another user to PM you asking about the Blackberry Q10.

      Here's my post:

      So I know this thread is over a year old but I didn't wanna start a whole new thread just to ask my question..

      I can get a Q10 unlocked for $260 on eBay. I've never owned a Blackberry (pretty young when they were popular) buy I've always wanted one because of the keyboard and it just seems like a solid phone.

      My question: For those who own/owned a Q10, how is it? What is the app selection like now in September of 2014? I know it was pretty small when BB10 launched, but how about now? My app needs aren't that iOS-exclusive, but these are the apps that are must-have for me: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, ESPN Scorecenter, Weather Channel, Pandora.

      Thanks for reading!

      - Adam

      PS- for some reason my PM won't go through.
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