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    1. haravikk
      Hmm, that's a good question actually, I definitely meant to check the firmware but now I can't remember if I did.

      I don't think the performance is bad though exactly, it's just that when it comes to simultaneous read/write or a lot of random activity then there are simply better drives out there, but I do still get around 30-50mb/sec even in those conditions so it's still miles better than a USB stick, which is what I mainly wanted the V4 to replace anyway for use in transporting files, but fast at the same time (for copying big files it's great).
    2. push/pull
      I'm curious if you updated the firmware on your v4 and if so did you notice a performance increase?
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    Hack Mini (2.7ghz, 3.9ghz turbo, HD4600, 16gb RAM, 500gb Samsung 840 EVO) in Akasa Euler case.
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