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    1. macuser1232
      M-B-P: That's why you never install Linux on a Mac. I have Linux Mint installed on my old PC desktop and I don't really use it that much since I'm always on my Mac but it is ok. It's a lot better than Windows. That's for sure!
    2. wrldwzrd89
      Thanks for your tireless efforts! You certainly have my appreciation :D
    3. stridemat
      Nice to see you're making friends (comment below) :D
    4. andy721
      I've installed Ubuntu a couple years ago, you don't want it trust me. It's like a desereted island in hawaii with no cars driving around in a crappy flight simulator thats how dried up this OS is unless you like this stuff.
    5. M-B-P

      You responded to my question regarding Ubuntu installation for my MBP. I figured out how to install in on my MBP, but am having an issue with the brightness/backlight. When I boot Ubuntu up the backlight is at 100%. If I press the f1/f2 brightness adjusters, it seems that the backlight goes off or reduces to a very low level, hence its really difficult to see anything on the screen. After that I could change the brightness, but the backlight stay off, if that makes sense. Its as low as working on 2 bars on the Mac OS.

      I am assuming that you also have Ubuntu installed on your machine, and you might have dealt with this issue. I checked out the link that you posted and I have the MacBook Pro 7,1. Do you know what the issue might be? I tried searching online, but couldn't find any solution. Could it have something to do with graphics card?

      Please help, I'm new to Ubuntu and have enjoyed it thus far, but with this issue its unusable.Your help will be appreciated.
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