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    1. SPNarwhal
      I really don't want to argue about this at all, and I have no bad feelings toward you
      --The way you made it seem was that if I didn't pay shipping, that you simply would not ship the umbrella.

      1.) You should have told me that the umbrella didn't fit into the box BEFORE shipping it.. I don't see how the logical thing was to package everything and ship it and THEN tell me that this item I already paid for was not able to fit into the box.. at least that way we'd have options, such as canceling everything, or possibly waiting until you could find packaging that fits.

      2.) When I asked you to tell me how much it turns out to be, I assumed you would find an estimate before actually shipping it out.. How much did shipping turn out to be? Something crazy like $40? I stopped responding because I felt you weren't communicating with me whatsoever until all of a sudden I owe you even more than I agreed to and due to what? Nothing that I had control or any say in whatsoever..
    2. Csmitte
      If you send me your email address i will send you pictures.
    3. Csmitte
      Bought I believe in 2010. let me look I think I still might have the receipt. They have only been used once from VA to san diego. I bought bose qc-2's
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