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    1. nightlong
      Finally took the plunge, selling my Mackbook Air and ipad2, ordered base 8/256 MBPr 13", thinking it would take forever or at least a week to come from China, it shipped from Sydney same day and was in my office next morning! seems perfect, no IR that I can see. How is yours?
    2. The Leafs Fan
      The Leafs Fan
      I didn't know visitor messages existed.
    3. Mattsasa
      oops the message accidentally sent twice
    4. Mattsasa
      Hello PDFierro,

      I have a question if you don't mind. Today there was an article on MacRumors about apple TV shipments:

      in the article it talks about shipments labeled "set top box" but also a shipment in August labeled "PC Portable" Do you have any guesses on what that could mean?

      I know all signs point to an October/November release of the rMBP. But I am still curious about that shipment. It would only mean that it is a MBA restocking or a shipment of MBPs right? I would be interested in what you think.
    5. nightlong
      I answered your message but I don't think it went to you, so I'll try again!
      I'm actually a New Zealander, haven't lived there for a long time. Lived in London many years, now live in New England, about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, not exactly a hotspot for tourists! Where do you live?
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