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    1. PeggyD
      Sorry, I don't check these forums regularly anymore. You can find me & many others who are knowledgeable in Pages on Apple Support Communities.

      As for your issue with the file & 300 tables, I would break it up into smaller files to work with. You could then combine them for the final document.
    2. malking
      Btw, if that is not possible, i can only think of creating many smaller files to create the final pdf. But then I would have the problem of keeping the pages count progressive all over the final document, is it possible to set the page counter so that it starts counting from a definite number onward?
      Also, i don't think it would be possible in the table of contents to create links to the section headers of different files..
    3. malking
      Hi Peggy, sorry to bother you here, but i got the advice you're the Pages guru of this community so I'm going to ask directly to you if you can help with my current problem (public thread probably won't bring a solution quickly enough to save me)

      These past days I've been working with Pages (Pages 09 is my version) for the first time, but i'm experiencing a real problem:
      after adding a lot of tables (the final doc should have like 300 hundreds eventually) into the document, the Pages file has become so slow that it makes almost impossible to work on it.
      The computer is still fast on the other stuff, and even on other smaller Pages files while the big one is open, but in the big one you can barely edit anything.

      So the question/hope is... is there a way to enhance Pages' performances?
      Like dedicating more cache than what is originally set by default?

      Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide to this unknown newbie, looking forward to your reply! -Mik
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