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Macbook Pro's battery is draining fast!

I could really use some help! I have a early 2011 Macbook Pro 15" and i recently installed Windows 8 using boot camp. I did notice that the battery was draining much faster and the fans constantly ran and heat build up was a problem. But thats understandable while I use boot camp, the problem lies that when I boot back into OSX I still have the same issue OSX is much slower and the fans run constantly along with more heat. This is happening when there is no major programs or processes running either! I used to get the normal 6-8 hours of battery before i installed windows 8. But now I get around 2 hours in OSX

So I checked if there were any run away processes running, and i didn't see anything and it did not seem to be running both OS at the same time. And I shut down and booted from scratch. Does anyone maybe know whats going on with it or has had this happen to them before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also interesting to note that if i just let it boot by itself it will boot into windows and not OSX is there a way to disable this or could this be a link to my problems?
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