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I also have a 13"/8gb/128gb MBA. I decided to opt for 128gb to sort of force myself to be diligent about not letting old and useless files accumulate on my drive. On my old laptop, I was so bad about managing old stuff and the majority of my drive was just filled with crap. I figured once I trained myself to manage my storage well with the 128gb, then I'll get a 256gb drive and swap it myself. Although as of right now I still have 60gb free on my drive. But I would like to boot camp Windows 8, so I might switch to 256gb sooner rather than later. And now I've been rambling, so I'm done now.
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Old Nov 7, 2012, 10:04 PM   #27
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256 > 128. Literally. That's how I made my decision.
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Old Nov 7, 2012, 10:53 PM   #28
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I have a mid-2012 i5/8GB/128SSD,and well I feel such an outcast lol,I have 90GB free ,I keep all my movies on an external,have around 8GB in pics,4GB in music and I deleted the 8GB sleep image file to free up space,yes I keep a selected collection of stuff,remove songs or stuff which I don't listen or use anymore,so well even 128 is plenty for me
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Old Nov 7, 2012, 11:40 PM   #29
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My decision was based on the fact that I have a desktop PC and only need the MBA while on the go.

If you use yours for entertainment while at home then I can see how the 256GB might be useful. It's very convenient to have everything in one place, even the plugging in of a USB drive gets annoying after a while, especially if you forget to bring it with you.

Edit: I have about 20GB free though, no music or pictures. Only important files and bunch of TV series'.
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Old Nov 8, 2012, 12:11 PM   #30
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I'm in the same boat here. I currently have the 11" 2010 4GB/128SSD, and am opting to get the 2012 11" 8GB/128SSD, as I am the type to download a movie, watch it, then put it on my 1TB WD Passport. I usually always have around 5-10 movies on my laptop at all times, so if I do need to watch one, it's there, and if I plan to watch another one, well... it takes less than 30 seconds to copy one from my hard drive on to my MBA. Like right now, I have around 20GB of movies and 10GB of music, with 60GB of space left on my SSD. It's actually kinda nice to have the 128, because it keeps me from cluttering up my HD. My initial thought process was the 256, but after taking into account the clutter factor, and the benchmarks showing the write/read speed of the 128s in the 2012s (which are pretty much on par with the 256/512s), I think it's a no brainer.. for me, anyways.
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Old Nov 8, 2012, 01:50 PM   #31
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Decision was easy for me - 512 GB. I most always buy the largest SSD or HDD available at time of purchase and have always used the space.
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On the current model, no I would not have been willing to fork over the extra cash for the upgraded SSD. I got lucky and was able to pick up a new 2011 clearance model relatively inexpensively so I went for the 2011 model rather than the 2012.

I want to have OSX and Windows, and with applications and files for both OS 128GB would have been tight and been a great hassle and hamper productivity. The choice was easy for me. I value the extra space more so the speed difference between the model years.
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Old Nov 8, 2012, 10:11 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by 53x12 View Post
is there anything i am missing?
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First, I bought a 2012 13" i5/4GB/128GB from Best Buy, and after installing iLife, Office 2011, Logic Studio, some other programs, loaded up my iTunes library (40+ GB), and a Windows XP VM, I only had about 17 GB free, which didn't allow me much room for too much more stuff in the future.

I returned this and got a deal for the 2012 13" i7/8GB/256GB refurbished, which has worked out alot better. I have all that stuff plus more and I still have 111 GB free right now.
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128GB because the price difference is a lot.

Bigger size might make more sense for a true road warrior who plans to keep everything on the laptop. I don't. I have external drives and desktop computers with lots of hard drive space.

But I am getting a nifty minidrive. Sort of cheap
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