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Could some of you maybe post screenshots of what your screen looks like when multitasking, just to give me some ideas on how such a large screen might be used?

I do work in Photoshop as well, but as one person already mentioned... wouldn't constantly resizing everything be more of a pain than it is a benefit? That's why I feel that multitasking would be much better suited for dual monitors rather than one massive one.

And having applications right next to each other seems like it would be a distraction.

Again, just not sure if it's something you need to get used to using before you become efficient at it.
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Originally Posted by forgottenwallet View Post
This moves off the Mac subject, but I am in design school, and I am beginning to build my workspace more (starting with the new iMac). Which Wacom tablet would you recommend for Adobe programs and video editing? I dream of the Cintiq, but it isn't happening any time soon. The medium intuos seems like my best option.
Honestly, the Intuos4 large is the only tablet I've ever used so my opinion is somewhat uneducated. That being said, I love it and don't feel the need for anything else. A cintiq would be nice but unless you are an illustrator getting paid (read: $$$) then they seem to be a little overkill-ish. When I draw/sketch I use a pencil and paper and then scan it in, so I don't do much actual "drawing" digitally. The biggest tip I can give you is to put away your mouse and trackpad while designing and force yourself to use the pen. It will be a huge pain for a while but after you get the settings to your liking and your coordination down it will be awesome.

If you don't want to plop down hundreds of bucks search for Monoprice's tablet. It's like 80 bucks or something and everyone who has one seems to love it.
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I currently have a 2009 Mac Mini with an HP 22" monitor. This monitor is too small for me as I cannot have two or more windows open without them overlapping. I thought that I would get the 27" iMac, then I saw last year's model and it was huge. The 21.5" can display a better resolution than my 22" HP monitor, so the windows should be smaller. I don't know for sure, though.

I'm leaning towards the 27" again. I don't need a computer right now and I can wait to purchase one. I have enough room on my desk. My husband uses two 27" monitors on his PC. He also needs multiple windows open, lol.
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Almost everyone I know who has moved to a 2560 horiz monitor has found it almost impossible to move to the much lower resolution of a 1920 monitor. You end up with almost twice the number of pixels in a 27" 2560X1440 over a 1920X1080 display.

I use a U2711 in the office, and a ATD at home for my MBA.
My 2009 iMac is a 27"
My last remaining PC (hasn't been turned on in a year) is a 30" 2560X1600.

When I get my new 27"... I'll be using my ATD to have dual 27" screens. This is a killer setup for photo organization and editing with Aperture. When I need to use my corporate MBA at home... then I'll switch the ATD to the MBA... Hence... My ATD will serve double duty. It will be my corporate display when working from home... and a dual display with my iMac when doing my photography work.

If I was a gamer (I am not)... I might choose the 21"... because there are only about 1/2 the number of pixels to compute... which should allow a higher frame rate... everything else being equal.

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I think everyone should go to BB or the apple store and see for yourself.
I also want to point out that this same argument happened when the 19 in came out on windows PC. People said "Who would need more than 17 In." Same with TV so I would say get the biggest you can afford. You may not think you need it now but you will down the road.
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keep in mind that

you can run different applications on different desktops and just swipe between the desktops - this works very well and gives most, if not all, of the advantages of dual monitors if you find it inconvenient or distracting to have two applications running on a single monitor. Multiple home pages is a great feature of the operating system imho.

I have both 27 and 21.5. I like them both and personally I think it comes down to your desk space and finances. If you can afford 27 and if your desk and room size are such that 27 fits comfortably then I would go for 27. Otherwise 21.5. Both are very nice computers and will not disappoint.
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I'm a pc mutt, I used to do computer graphics on old systems ummmm SCI-Tex, seriously I got out when macs started, I hated them. I've had a number of PCs. Started with an iPad, than iPhone, finally blew it all and bought a 27. Your right it's too damn big, in the last 8months I've learned to blow things up, and move around this "theater" pretty good. Like McDonald's I'm lovin it slowly but, with apple support better every day. My greatest feat? Notes, and iCal, and contacts. After taking a 2,000 lb. building to the head 9 years ago, this is my dream memory module
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Originally Posted by zipur View Post
You may not think you need it now but you will down the road.
thats like saying get a van instead of a sedan cos you know down the road you will need it.
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