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Originally Posted by Gretsch View Post
Definitely the Bose are "rubbish"! The company hardly sells any of their terrible poor performing products... Yep.
It's like buying a Coach purse, most of the price is in name, not quality of the product.

Audio Technica and Sennheiser on the high end. Shure is awesome on the $50 and under range.

If you're looking for studio quality sound, do not bother with Noise Cancelling, you just want a close ear design for noise isolation.
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Not sure if this thread has died yet but I'll give my $.02.

Beats are overpriced hugely. The quality of them is terrible, even compared to headphones half their price. It's just 40-120hz bass. The Bose are better, but noise cancelling headphones aren't great. They have to produce a tone to counter the external noise, not really helping.

I would hugely recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50S. Google them, hardly a bad review out there. They're exceptional value, a load better than some headphones double the price.
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If we're comparing both the Bose and the Dre's i can provide somewhat of a similar comparison. I have 3 of the Beats by Dre Studio headphones (2 real ones and 1 fake one i bought on a business trip to China). I also have the Bose QC15's which are similar to the QC3's. FWIW, i think i am a medium level audiophile. I have about 15k invested in my HT system and i've spent a total of about 5k for the audio systems in both my cars, not to mention my previous cars. Anyways, in my opinion when you compare the 2 they each have their advantages and drawbacks.

Noise Cancelling:
The Bose has by far the best noise-cancelling. Its not even close. I switched my TV to a static channel and turned up the volume. The Bose was amazing. It was almost like putting earplugs on. The Beats did cancel the noise, but not nearly as much as the Bose did. Bose really has the upper hand from this aspect.

Audio Quality:
Now in regards to the audio quality, i think it all depends on how you like your music played and what type of music it is. If you like it loud and rich sounding, then i think the Beats wins this one. The Beats just sounds much fuller, richer, and sharper than the Bose. When played loud there is absolutely no distortion at all. The Bose on the other hand, sounded a little flat and "hollow" in my opinion. Bass response was weaker...but decent. It just didn't sound as rich or full as the Beats. If you like rock, rap, pop, hip-hop or any music that's played loud, then i think the Beats is best. If you like calmer music like classical, or jazz, or acoustical music, then you probably won't tell the difference so much.

Appearance/build quality:
I'm an engineer working in the quality department of a Fortune 500 company. I think i can spot good quality when i see it. When comparing these 2 i think they are about equal with a slight advantage to the Bose in terms of quality. The reason for the advantage to the bose is the hinge on the Beats concerns me. The hinge seems a little weak and i am wondering how it would hold up long term wise. In terms of materials, i think both use good materials and are both equally comfortable to wear. In regards to looks, i gotta hand it to the Beats. These things are eye-catching and scream "bling" and i see many people wearing these things like an accessory. Whether you are wearing them on your head or they are draped around your neck, they are just nice to look at. The Bose headphones look like they could have been made 15 years ago. The Beats are definitely current and state of the art in appearance.

The Bose is vanilla. Its plain and just works. The best thing about it is that it folds relatively flat. The Beats on the other hand, is the neopolitan. Although it doesn't fold as compact as the Bose, the neat feature is that you can use it with your cell phone. The cord has a small switch to pause the music, and answer a phone call so you don't have to take off your headphones to answer a call. The Beats also have a momentary switch/button on the earpiece that you can press to mute the sound temporarily. For example the stewardess asks you what you want to drink, you just press your finger on it, hold it down and order your drink. When you let go, the music continues. Pretty neat.

If you want class leading noise cancelling, get the Bose. If you want good sound and great looks and functionality, get the Beats. FYI, i have a fake Beats and a real Beats and they are amazingly identical. I paid 45 bucks for the fake ones and 300 for the real ones.
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the only complaint on the studio beats by Dre is the sound leak. It is very bad.
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Originally Posted by antster94 View Post
I would hugely recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M50S. Google them, hardly a bad review out there. They're exceptional value, a load better than some headphones double the price.
I have a pair of these and they definitely check a lot of boxes. They are decent without a headphone amp, they don't leak a lot of sound or let a lot of sound in (they are not completely silent, which I prefer since my phone may ring or something), they are fairly inexpensive, and are fairly portable. My ears do get a bit warm in them after a while, but it is worth the trade off.
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an unbiased opinion

I'd like to provide what I consider an unbiased opinion: the beats and bose products are not as bad as people make them out to be, but they are definitely overpriced. If you look purely at sound quality, you can get much better headphones for the same or lower price. However, for the beats vs. bose:

Sound: Bose emphasizes the mids, and Beats emphasizes the bass. Having said that, overall the Beats have a better and more accurate (relatively speaking) sound. I would not use them for studio monitoring (for mixing anyway), but they are quite nice for walking around on a busy street. And the beats do have a very detailed sound, quite high resolution. But the bass is very powerful... and exaggerated. Might not matter depending on the type of music you like.

Durability: the bose is constructed better. The beats have a very fragile band... especially for the price!!!

Noise cancellation: Better on the Bose. Beats works ok, but the bose is much better.

So, overall, between the two, if you want better noise cancellation get the bose, and if you want better sound quality get the beats.

BUT, having said all of this, if you want the best sound quality for the price, don't buy either of these! Beyerdynamic, Grado, and Sennheiser make FAR better sounding headphones for the same price or less. And the Shure 840 is great as well (especially for studio work, and especially for the price). All of these are in a different (and far superior) league than beats or bose. But I will say this, the monster turbine pros are very good if you want a really small pair. But they are also expensive (I got a special price on mine).
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Originally Posted by sondowner View Post
first off i can tell lot of post here are people into studio stuff and and have never given beats a listen just assume......i am not a studio person but love music and listen to mp3's and movies ect....run of the mill stuff.....i own a pair of beats and have had bose qc3's......here is what i found for general music app...........first $30 headphones of anytype will not and cannot comapare night and day......when comes to listening to ipod.........
the qc3's and beats are both comfortable able to wear for hours....
qc3's little more compact
beats although with batteries they do last for 24hrs of listening and you can use rechargables.....so i found that not a big issue...
the sound you will hear from beats is unbelievable.....with all types of music...i listen to everything from classical to death metal to rap.....they sound amazing you will here reverb, echo, vocals ect. you never heard b4 on songs you have listened to millions of times.......
the beats sound i found better than bose but the noise canceling is lot better with the qc3's......

beats are not just a gimic with dre's name....yes is a marketing thing but the quality is amazing......they are a bit combersome though with large carrying case.....only down side........

if you really want noise canceling then go with bose
if you want sound quality go with beats.........
price wise beats run $299
and bose around the same depending on where you buy them they could go as high as $350.....

hope this helps.............
Or, If you want noise canceling AND sound quality, go with Bose
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Sir Cecil
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Try the Shure SRH440 and SRH840

I would say these are outstanding performers and they both offer a natural and effective amount of noise isolation, without the drawbacks of actual noise-cancellation circuitry.
The 440 has flatter response making it a very viable alternative to popular and respected studio monitors like the Sony MDR7506. I've used it for monitoring/editing as well as general listening and it has been terrific. I see on Amazon they can be had new for around $70. I think that's remarkable value to be honest.
The 840 has a slightly lusher sound, designed for home listening than studio work. The more compact 440 is better for music on the move – the 840 is too big for outdoor use.
Benefits? Very well constructed, their closed design does a VERY good job of isolation while never being claustrophobic in their presentation, very comfortable from my experience (though I've read posts by others who think the 840 is heavy), both straight and coiled replaceable leads available, spare ear cushions in the box, foldable... and sound quality WELL BEYOND the capabilities of the Dr. Dre and Bose stuff.
I've used a great many headphones in my time, including several Sennheisers up to the HD650 level, mid-range Grados, and plenty of Beyer, AKG and Sony. What I can say with confidence is that the Shures offer a sound quality far beyond anything else I've heard at their prices. I've no hesitation in suggesting you audition them.
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From someone obsessed with hi-fi they're both crap. The Dre's are more so - muffled, soggy bass. For similar money the B&W P5 is my recommendation.
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hello guys can one of you check these headphone beats by dr dre on this website http://www.headphones-sale.org/ if they are original please INFORM ME !
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Have a set if AKGs as well, not sure what model. I don't usually take them out if the house but if you want supreme SQ and comfort I think they'd be hard to beat.

The detail of highs is amazing and the bass is super smooth - great low end extension but not exaggerated.

They were a christmas present from my wife but I think around $300.
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Originally Posted by Mistrblank View Post
It's like buying a Coach purse, most of the price is in name, not quality of the product.
not quite..
My mother in law has a Coach purse and looks new after 15 years of using it. The strap finally broke and they sent her a new one for free. Now that's service. She spent $40-50.00 on a purse 3 times a year ($150 a year) and they fall apart, bought a Coach and 15 years later she still uses it.
So I don't see the comparison here...

I don't mind my wife getting a Coach purse, but I would say something if she got a pair of Bose or Beats in a heart beat.
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I have a pair of studio HD beats by Dre in white love them!
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I would never pay as much as for an iPod Touch on some headphones, you want something for casual use and paying 300$ for some "Casual" headphones is ridiculous.
You can get the same sound quality for a third of the price, In my opinion the Beats by Dre are tooly, I mean they look cool but no one with their feet on the ground pay so much for some cool looking headphones.

On the other hand, I respect the Bose QuietComfort 3's, they are very comfortable but I still wouldn't pay so much for them. I'd stick with anything under 100 Dollars, If I were you I'd get the Panasonic RP-HTX7 they look and sound good and are quite comfortable
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Personal Preference

In my opinion , I think it's based on personal preference . Because I have a pair of Beats Solo and I love them , comfortable , and I like the sound , but maybe it's just me . My brother hates the beats and prefers different headphones . So it's whatever seems best to YOU . Don't let others influence your decision .. I was influenced to buy a pair of Skullcandies .. worst decision of my life .
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Beats are disgusting in bass, over powered bass and on under powered headphones leaves you a muddy sound, you got denon, akg, sennheisers, sony (only certain types), but just not beats, no one cares about looks in a studio, might as well get skull candy, cheaper and better looking, and who know, maybe build quality is better. Plus, Dre doesn't know how to build headphones, or sing.
Originally Posted by peepboon View Post
I don't know why you guys hate Beats so much? :S

Isn't it just a personal choice at the end of the day? If you like the sound then buy it, if you don't then don't buy it. I like my hip hop, bassy tracks and I like fashion. The Beats are stylish and the bass is incredible. I like them so I bought it, nothing to it. Also, if you think the price is ok then buy it. Personal choice if you ask me.

Also, if you read most reviews on the Beats, almost all reputable sites will say that they are excellent in quality, so I don't know why some say its bad quality? :S

I tried the Bose and its clear but its not punchy.

I'm happy with my purchase, like someone posted: just go try them out with your own music. (Bring ur own iPod or something).
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will the cord on the Beats Pro work on the iPhone when the bumper case is on? I assume the Studio ones will
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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 595's. I went to Best Buy and tried the 'Monster Crap' for kicks, expecting for it to be crap. But I have to say I was very impressed.

3 things ultimate matter to me.

1. Noise Cancellation
2. Bass
3. Clarity

Sennheiser's i have offer no NC (10% volume and people hear me at work), barely any bass, but they're nice and clear.

I can't just bring myself to buying something made by monster. I know there's something out there that can deliver just as much.. I don't need anything for studio. I just want something that's good at NC, has bass, and maintains the clarity the big names have..

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I did enjoy my Bose QC3 headphones especially when on long haul plane and as my choice for everyday train commute to work...their ability to drown out background drone is superb, they are also very very comfortable to wear.

I note the OP mentioned he would be watching movies....many people here went on to recommend audiphile hi end headphones which are probably not necessary if your watching John McLane fighting off the baddies in Die Hard with a dreadful vengance etc...

I'm willing to give the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's a go to listen to some fine music....

Any headphone by some called Dr Dre fills me with horror, the styling look image seems to be something the n.....s from the hood would be interested in mugging off me.
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Of the two mentioned by the OP, I'd prefer Bose.

However, there are others available which are far better; for example, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Bang & Olufsen (I had a pair of their ear-buds and they were very good), are all very good. Then, there is my personal favourite at the moment, Bowers & Wilkins, the P3, & P5 headphones.
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Don't know where else to put this thread but I wanted know about the comparison of the beats by dre headphones. Which would be better headphones as far as...

-noise cancellation

I will be using the headphones for music, movies, etc. Also using it with my iPod and MacBook. Any suggestions or advice.
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If you want to read what the audiophiles say about your choices go here (http://www.avsforum.com/f/) and do a search.
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