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Originally Posted by bill-p View Post
But it's not like you're completely out of options, right?

And a week or two is normal... unless you absolutely can't be without the machine for that long.
So I either have to travel to Dublin to give in my laptop to a 3rd party, or send it to Apple. As it's my only and main system, I'll be stuck not able to do anything productive for around 2 weeks or more?

That's stupid.
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Originally Posted by akdj View Post
I don't know that it's quite that simple. As I said, with two LG panels...I'm unable to see ANY IR on either. Seems to me it would be tough sell @ the Apple store if this screen passes muster. Not to mention...other tertiary 'strengths' I enjoy with an LG screen....or any different panel, as they are ALL unique--truly, no one monitor will ever measure the same as another from the SAME manufacturer in the SAME production run!!! To me, if you get a 'good looking' monitor--stick with it!!! Buy AppleCare (it's a firt gen computer, this only makes common sense) and you're covered for three years. If there TRULY is a ubiquitous problem for some reason with ALL LG monitors on the rMBP, they will either A) Be recalled or B) Be replaced under warranty, as you said

I guess my point is not to automatically return your MBP because it has an LG pane---nor automatically ask for a replacement.

As I said in my post--LG manufactures monitors and panels for the very BEST and MOST respected companies in the world when it comes to the attributes professionals are looking for in the high end segment. There are plenty of other elements that go into making an excellent monitor and LG excels in this arena. If you have a dud--you area absolutely, 100% correct!!! Bring it back! I just think this histeria, that seems to only be prevalent here @ MR, should definitely NOT dissuade future decision making for interested buyers---

---It truly is, after almost thirty years of buying computers the absolute BEST machine I've ever owned!!! It, to me, is an absolute engineering marvel. Seems like the industry as a whole is interested---PC Magazine even reviewed it!!! Sorry, but to me it seems such a shame that this issue---which can easily and almost instantly be resolved---has been blown SO FAR out of proportion, it's ridiculous....especially when it comes to such a fine piece of technology

I'm not denying that other IPS panels are prone to IR, but that they are not prone to IR after just a few minutes. That's where it truly becomes an issue.

And it sounds blown out of proportions because it is. There are way more users coming to MacRumors to report issues, so of course you'll only hear issues here. Happy users will just enjoy their machines.

But all of that aside, my point is that... you paid for the computer. It's relatively inexpensive (gas money, shipping fee, waiting time, etc...) to get it to be perfect, or close to perfect, so... why not go that extra mile?

Also, you are right in that no two panels are the same in measurements, but Apple did a darn good job of giving me the same quality. My new Samsung panel is completely identical to my old LG panel in every way... save for that it's brighter at max brightness. I almost thought Apple specifically calibrated the new display to look as close to the old one as possible.

Originally Posted by N19h7m4r3 View Post
So I either have to travel to Dublin to give in my laptop to a 3rd party, or send it to Apple. As it's my only and main system, I'll be stuck not able to do anything productive for around 2 weeks or more?

That's stupid.
I'm not sure that's the case for everyone here. It's probably just you or a very few select individuals who are in such a situation.

I can go with or without my rMBP for a whole month, or more, because I have access to other computers either at home or at work. It's just less convenient since I have to transfer files back and forth.

And for those of us who live close to an Apple Store, it shouldn't be such a hassle going that extra mile.

Let me say this again: you and I both know how much we had to shell out for the computer. Not that it'd likely make a dent in our financial situation, but I'd say... since you're paying MORE for the rMBP than the average computer, you should be able to get the MOST out of your money. Am I wrong?
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So I sent in My 15 inch RMBP that had IR, but before doing so the apple rep tried to tell me that IR is really common and that he would be willing to send me an article on how to fix it or prevent it. Being a graphic designer I cant tolerate seeing text in my background so I sent it in for service and I even left a Sticky on my display with images that I had taken with my camera of my screen ( the IR is that bad). the rep told me that if its not bad enough that they will not replace the display. Has apple tried to slow down on replacing peoples displays that have IR?
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Just caught up with this thread and find it quite funny people giving Bill such a hard time and some seem to be putting a corporation's interests before their own as a consumer.

Bill is 100% right - if you've got a sub par item you should go out of your way to get it replaced. Apple are generally happy to do this so why put up with imperfection?
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Originally Posted by ajanini View Post
LG display here. No IR, thank goodness! Flawless computer.
So it's been about 3 months since I got my rMBP and today I noticed some IR. It's not bad, I guess... I was only able to see it when I had left a browser window open for a while and went to answer the phone.

Came back a couple of minutes later and launched iPhoto, which has a gray background and there it was... The ghost of the browser window very much visible against the gray.

I am kinda disappointed, but I'm not sure there's anything I can do about it.
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