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My 4S had a similar issue. There was a blue piece of "paper" (was more like plastic) in between the glass and the casing in the corner. Apple swapped it out for me. My 5 and my wife's 5 arrived on launch day from Apple with no QC issues.
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My i5 is flawless
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There's a reason I continue to buy from Apple. I know that if I experience these issues, they'll take care of me. I've had nothing but the best service each and every time I've gone into an Apple store. My 5 was perfect right out of the box, but I'm sure they would've swapped it out for me had it looked like OP's
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I've owned 8 Apple products thus far, never a single problem (well my 3g did develop some dead pixels after about a year, so I did have a problem there).
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Originally Posted by MattMJB0188 View Post
^ I think its the design they chose to go with. It's very hard to manufacture according to the Chinese. I would have loved it if they had kept the 4S form factor and glass. But last month at Apple I had them bring me out at least 10 iPhones before I walked away with one that only had "minor" flaws.

Call me OCD all you like, its unacceptable to pay $749 for a phone that has dust in the camera, or loose buttons, or loose screens, or scratched screens

Yes they do, you just don't know what to look for. I bet you all the money in the world if I handled your phone I'd find something not right with it.
A) Apple absolutely did NOT bring you out 'ten phones', unpackage them and allow you to analyze each. Doesn't happen...as a business owner that buys at least a half dozen devices a year at the local Apple store, they DO open the box, the DO fire it up and they DO indeed allow you to go over it with a fine tooth comb....however, if the first one is bad, a second will be presented. Not a third, fourth, fifth, etc. Just doesn't happen, sorry bud. If they perceive you as 'OCD' as you say, and not happy with unseen by the naked eye scuffs or dings, they'll refuse sale. I've seen it...my 15" rMBP fully loaded purchase in September was an example. Everything booted fine but when we went to update the OS, an error code 50 kept popping up. Hesitantly and after a lot of fiddling they opened a second. Same thing happened and it ended up being a glitch on the App Store that day. I went home with the second and the understanding that if it continues to exhibit issues, they would gladly replace it.

Originally Posted by MattMJB0188 View Post
Well can you logically explain why the Apple sales rep had to bring out at least 7 iPhone 5s for me?
Originally Posted by Starrbuck View Post
They are assembled in China. What do you expect!!!
Oh, sorry. It was seven...not ten. Again, didn't happen man. Sorry to be so blatant but this isn't nor has it EVER been store policy. They just don't open up 7 brand new iPhones and allow you to scrutinize each. Maybe two, possibly three-but not 7 or 10.

Made in China? So is damn near every electronic device you own...pieces of clothing, vehicle parts, almost every item sold at Wal mart...the list goes on and on. As well, China is pretty damn good at innovation. IMHO, the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony was a technological achievement that was beyond mind blowing! Certainly put the London ceremonies to shame. China is riding the cutting edge of technology. The 'made in China' stigma has changed. They're building stealth aircraft, they're launching satellites and space vehicles, their middle class is flourishing....it'll be not too long before the 'cheap labor' moves to another third world country...IE Africa. China no longer IS third world. I think they still have the resource simply because of over population....and the need for jobs in rural China. They've done a phenomenal job producing Apple products and every other electronic device we are using these days.

Because iPhone 5 had a different manufacturing process....dealing with different base materials, there was a learning curve. Initially there did seem to be maybe a bit more than average 'dings' and blemishes out of box. Clearly the OP's phone isn't 'right'. The cool deal...it's Apple. Not Samsung. Not LG...Apple. And there in lies the answer. Easily and immediately replaced with a quick jaunt to the Apple store or call to 1-800-MYAPPLE. They'll take care of it on site, without question. Sometimes even throwing an extra lighting cable or iTunes card for your inconvenience.

Originally Posted by Starrbuck View Post
Our family got 4 for Christmas and they are all fine.
As did ours...actually five. My three brothers and I bought mom and dad one. Two brothers bought their wives one...and the four of us bros bought one for our oldest niece who's in her freshman year of college. Being the family "geek" I helped them all set up iCloud accounts. Since I own to iPhone 5s (wife and I...one black, one white since launch...both perfect and immaculate in every way), I've only had the option to look at the ones we own. Having almost a half dozen on hand last night I was genuinely interested in their condition after reading these posts to the contrary over the last few months. All of them. Three black, two white we're in immaculate condition. No scratches, dings, or visible flaws cosmetically. All booted immediately without issue. All set up perfectly and a lot of happy iPhone 5 owners in the family today.

No. As anal as I am with my electronics and as careful as I am to take care of them...I can absolutely without a doubt tell you that MattMJB isn't correct at all. The flawed phones are an anomaly and rare to find OOB. If this wasn't the case there would be massive uproar from the public at large. They've been out now for want...three months? And they sold what?? Five million phones the opening week? And they're finally just NOW catching up to demand? There could be 25-40 million iPhone 5s in the public hands at this point. If what MattMJB says is true the backlash and class action lawsuit would be front page news. Since its a completely false allegation, this isn't the case

Best phone, not just Iphone ever made. Feel for the OP but again....quick trip to Apple (or a call to corporate if a store isn't handy) and you'll have a new, flawless iPhone when you walk out the door! Maybe ask for an iTunes card for the inconvenience?

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