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Originally Posted by unfaded
Assuming that person has a Wii, and is making a choice to emulate via computer over buying it on the Wii system.

(The cost of the Wii can't be taken into account as its primary function isn't to emulate, but to play its own games.)
I'd have no problem paying for games and downloading them on my Wii. Just like now, I never ever download MP3s because I can do it via iTunes. The only reason I may have ever downloaded MP3s is because I thought paying $19 for one song from a CD was ridiculous.
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I can't get to my SNES or NES so I can play Zelda or Mario or whats the other game I have... *looks it up* or Donkey Kong , wtf. So I can't ever play SNES or NES games again or N64 for that matter cause I can't get to the electronical devices so I can hook them up and play? That is messed up. I think Emulators and ROMs (if legally obtained) should be legalized. I'm not buying a Wii. Bleem helped to put PSX on the spot by allowing people to go buy PSX games and play them on their computer. Is Bleem illegal, does Sony say Bleem is illegal? I'm gonna go see what Sony says about Emulation.
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Originally Posted by Dabisu View Post
I've been spending much of the day searching for something I can use, I found a list of NES emulators for the mac, here, and I found some MESS (Multiple Emulator Super System) for Mac however no joypad support.

MacFC looked promissing however the joypad support requires Gamesprockets, which isn't available for OS X.

I haven't tried FCE Ultra because only the source is available for OS X and I don't know how to compile things.

Also... Mednafen which has been compiled for OS X but there aren't any compiled versions to download.

I found a FCE Ultra launcher Here, however it requires a compiled version of FCE Ultra, but the manuals are all in Japanese...

If anyone knows more about these emulators which I haven't gotten to work or a way to use gamepad support for free, please reply!
I have a question, 6 years later! Almost to the day.
Right so I've bought a NES and SNES controller, one is a Retrolink and the other a Tomee.

I've downloaded Nestopia however it doesn't support controllers?

Are there any other emulators for me to download, I've tried fakeNES, snes9x, rockNES, zNES and snes DS but none of these work?

I'm running a Mac OS X 10.7.4 and all of the above are telling me "PC power applications are no longer supported".

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
I'm dying to play Mario Bros, Adventure Island, Paperboy, Excite Bike, etc.. and playing it with your keyboard just isn't the same!

I hope someone is still around to help in this looooong forgotten thread.

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Old Jan 12, 2013, 01:39 AM   #29
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seems to be a bundle, with emulator enhancer bundle in it.
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Old Jan 15, 2013, 03:10 AM   #30
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Emulator Enhancer uninstall

How do i uninstall this ?

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Old Mar 7, 2013, 01:15 PM   #31
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I dunno, maybe my Mac Lion has AIDS, but I put the emulator enhancer in the applications support folder in the Library folder, and nothing happens. Nestopia still does not recognize it. Does it not work with Lion version 10.7.5?

So frustrating, thanks for any help.
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Old Apr 30, 2013, 05:24 PM   #32
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Bannister is a bottom-feeder. He removes functionality from free software and then charges money to put it back in.

Get NekoLauncher Mednafen. It's an OSX multisystem emulator that is 100% free and infinitely superior to anything Bannister has scummed up.
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the problem with the ROM-Emulator argument as I understand it is that it leverages the DMCA. A law which came into effect more than a decade after most of the consoles we are talking about.
Arguing that emulators (and ROMS) should be illegal is kind of like saying the entire used record, VHS and cassette market is illegal. In reality the value of most actual SNES, Sega Genesis etc and most carts is virtual nil. The only thing adding value is the fact that people are bothering to sell them instead of trashing them.
This has nothing to do with Sony/Sega/Nintendo protecting intellectual property from infringement. It is all about denying you the ability to play the old games you like, in hopes that you will drop a couple Benjamins on a Wii/Xbox/Playstation instead.

I use the SNES9x emulator. It works dandy for all the roms so far. Even Japanese ones. Not sure about controllers though.
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Even though you haven't payed for the use of Emulator Enhancer, you can still use it. Just click 'Maybe Later' when starting any of the Emulators that rely on it, and you'll be able to enjoy all of its features. Buying it only removes this nag screen.

As I've already pointed out, it is by no means required to buy EE in order to use it; I've been using it for years, just by clicking Maybe Later. This has not hindered me at all in using Gamepads, playing games in Full Screen (another pivotal feature of EE) or using any of its other features. In other words, if you're not willing to buy EE (yet), you can just try and learn to live with clicking 'Maybe Later'. If you do have a serial number for it, no matter where you might have obtained it, then you could also click 'Reinstall' and enter it in the box provided.

@Coleco82: you may uninstall Emulator Enhancer by simply deleting the directory Emulator Enhancer, which is located in ~/Library/Application Support or in /Library/Application Support (the former being your Home Library; the latter the system-wide Library).
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