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Ste Nova
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Originally Posted by Timechaser View Post
I say this because even though there are many different SUV's on the market that sell very well the JEEP has always been a little different. Chrysler updates the JEEP every few years but no matter what you will know a JEEP when you see it. You cant mixup the JEEP with any other SUV on the road. People who own them love them.
jeep lol.... you should be comparing to landrover
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I compare the JEEP because I live in Michigan where many SUV's are made.
Its true that Landrovers are "way cooler" than JEEPs but I just dont see them nearly as often because Landrovers cost "way more" than the average SUV or JEEP here in USA -
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Never understood the iOS is boring thing. I would like a few additional features but I've never though of an OS as a source of excitement.
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I'll be using an iPhone until Apple no longer makes one.
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I don't think it's really boring. I've been using the 4 for quite a while and I'm even not bored from that. There are always new apps that catch my attention. But I do need to upgrade to a new phone and relatively soon.
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Of course it's boring. Did you watch the keynote? On your toes, moaping at the screen, while you count the days till you can even touch one? Nah.

What saves the iPhone today, is that all the other phones are equally boring, or are designed awfully. When a phone comes out with an equally attractive design, a better UI, and a great app community, then yes, Apple must innovate to remain at the top.

As off today, Android is too clumbersome for most people, while Windows Phone got no apps, and is generally confusing to most of the target market.

Apple and the iPhone is safe a little while longer.
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After 2.5 years of Android is it refreshing to finally get an OS interface as straight forward as iOS is.

I don't miss widgets at all. Flipping through screens to get to a widget is not as fast as a simple icon. Widgets can range from a simple single piece of information to a fair amount of info on the screen; you still have to open the app to see the full details. Widgets to me are not uniform enough and are eye candy. I prefer the notification icons and find them very effective on iOS.

Signal quality both on carrier network and wifi is better on iPhone. I've had 5 Androids, 1 windows phone and 1 BB all on the same carrier. None of them match the iP5.

Android updates are dependent on the carrier, some update, some don't. The exception are Nexus devices (pure Google).

But Android devices has 1.6GHz quad-core and 2GB of RAM now. Android is not optimized for those specs yet. I had a Note II (for 9 days, the I switched to iP5) with those specs and my iP5 is faster on all fronts because iOS is written to run efficiently. Hate to say it but maybe Android is getting bloated if it needs that power to run properly (as compared to iOS). HTC Sense interface is the biggest culprit I have seen in terms of bloat.

Sound quality in both my headphones and AUX input in my car has never sounded better.

Stability, no FCing from apps so far on iOS.

Go ahead, try Android and see if its for you. That platform is improving but it's not there yet. As for me I'm converted to a platform I never thought I'd move to.
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Old Jan 23, 2013, 05:07 PM   #58
Jimmy James
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I'm practically addicted to my iPhone. I wish it was boring, it would leave more time for other things.
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I'm done with flashing custom Roms on windows phone and tinkering with it just to get it work properly. I need a good tool for having job done and iphone still the most polished product on the market. I don't need a flashy toy to play with. And having a great computer that fits in your hand is never boring.

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if you feel the iPhone boring, then choose another. as simple as that.
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