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I'd love an iPad & iPhone with 128GB. Even with 64GB on my iPad I still need to micromanage what's on my device and in terms of my music I have 467GB, (in ALAC) so even using 256k mp4's I still need to manage what is on my phone (though Audiotap has made that easier by streaming over the net from my server to the phone) and still leave space for recording the odd HD video of my kids / pictures to take & apps. (currently on 32GB iPhone, had meant to get 64GB last time)
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Originally Posted by Cynicalone View Post
128GB iPod touch would allow them to finally kill the iPod Classic.

And they don't need to kill the 16GB iPad. They could just make a Retina model that starts at $399 with 16GB of storage.
More likely they would do like they did with the iPhones. 16Gb would be the non retina 'cheap' model iPad 2 etc and if you want more storage you go up to the new iPad whatever.


Originally Posted by Piggie View Post
That's always a funny thing to say..... Many years ago someone told me there was no need to get a 64K Atari 800 over a 32K model, as no one would use "all that space"

My dad says he remembers the days of 128 k of RAM being considered extravagant


Originally Posted by Jessica Lares View Post
. Kiss your iCloud storage goodbye too.
You can buy up to 50GB of additional storage already and I'm sure Apple will be happy to add another tier for those that can't be bothered to import photos and home videos or delete texts like ever.


Originally Posted by 1Alec1 View Post
Forget it. Just allow us to put our own microSD cards in instead of making us overpay for extra space.
In six phones and now 5 iPads and iPod touches they haven't done it, they aren't to likely too. The best you can hope for is someone creates a jailbreak hack that let's you use the SD card camera adapter. After all, jailbreaking is still legal in the US, just got unlocking.


Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
Sounds like a personal problem, however the answer is simple. Don't by a large capacity device and let others who are interested in one be.
No, you know what's a personal problem. Your trollish snobbery that defines your desire to see a larger storage iPhone because you could find a use for it while at the same time denigrating those that are fine with smaller models with comments like 'if you can't fill up a 16gb iPhone you don't need any smart phone at all,'

You want folks to respect you and your views/needs/wishes, then start respecting theirs
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Originally Posted by katewes View Post
Part of the reason why people seemingly don't use much of their iPad storage is Apple's woeful disregard of many (not all) people's need for a proper filing system that can sync easily with their desktop. i.e. Dropbox. and apps that can save files to this file system. The iPad is a totally dumbed down device, and in order to use it in business you compromise the full ability to work on your files as you would with your desktop/laptop. If the iPad was more functional, people would use it more for those more productive functions.

Microsoft has the right idea, but they're still on their 1st iteration, whereas Apple is at their 5th, so give MS about 5 years more. That's enough time for Apple to lose their market dominance, e.g. remember the fate of IBM PC, Netscape, Digital Computer, Firefox, Blackberry.

iPad is currently great for business for displaying things, or quite notes, but you'd never work for hours on an iPad - and people have been sucked into thinking that that's all the iPad is good for, but it could have been SOOO much better and so much more useful.
For clarification, I believe the iPad is and always was a consumption device. It can produce content but don't be fooled. It isn't a replacement for the desktop in a business environment by any means. Now for the consumers home that's a whole different matter
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I hope Apple doesn't just add it and charge more, much like they did with the 64GB iPhone. Especially considering the next generation of devices will likely have much bigger photo sizes. 128GB iPhone 5S at $499? No thanks! I thought it was ridiculous to pay $399 for my 64GB 5 and 4S. Hopefully they drop it in to replace the 64GB price point.

A 128GB iPad Mini 4G with Retina Display and internals similar to the ipad 4 would be my dream tablet. I continually delete stuff off my iPad 2. I haven't added anything in months, and it keeps filling up. I can't even update my apps anymore. I have Photostream turned off and everything. The problem is app updates keep getting bigger and bigger—especially as older games have updated to retina. My device can't even support that resolution, yet it fills it up with GBs and GBs of fluff. So I've been doing a lot of my gaming on my iPhone. I think that if I had a large capacity iPad Mini then I could get a smaller iPhone and just load my Mini up with games and photos.
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Originally Posted by Peace View Post
What if you wanted to run Apple's built in apps on the Apple TV ?
why would i want to do that, what apps does the hocky puck have that my 1st gen has not had added via its upgrade to a mac-mini light ?


Originally Posted by crisss1205 View Post
The New "hockey pucks" can do the same thing, especially since they run iOS.
ok, load your hockey puck up with 140gb of films, tvs shows, and music, and take it round to a friends house for a movie night... where you have no broadband connection to access the "cloud"

i always saw the puck apple tvs as a step back, not forward because of this.
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Originally Posted by Ecofriend View Post
Apple will not eliminate the 16gb entry storage, because that will force them to lose many of the customers that can not afford higher storage capacities, and it is very unlikely that they will take a cut into their profit margins by keeping the same prices, but doubling the storage in each model.
well...that may be true..but apps are getting bigger these days.
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And oh, “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”
A computer is like a bicycle for the mind.
— Steve Jobs
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Originally Posted by basesloaded190 View Post
Don't forget music

Some of us still use our iPhones for music as well! I have over 40gigs of music that I would like to keep on my phone all the time.
My iTunes music library is 140GB+ now. And I still have around 300 CDs that I need to rip (at 320 kbps) and add. So I didn't forget the music. I've simply given up. : )

— strictly SoundCloud, Radio and YouSee Play (similar to Spotify etc.) on my mobile devices these days.


And hey, good thing we didn't go for Microsofts Surface — The Verge: Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro will only have 23GB usable storage
A computer is like a bicycle for the mind.
— Steve Jobs

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