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This is just... hideous. iOS is dull but functional, Android is leaps ahead in terms of innovation and a fresh appearance, and we're going to get another row of bloody icons?

Choo choo, here comes the jump train from iOS next year if this is Apple's next 'big idea'


Originally Posted by Overg View Post
Can't agree more.

the next thing that should be different is Ios!
I hope apple will understand that the ios isn't like the tiger\lion what ever they have for the mac, where you can make small increment for 10939810238 years.
if they wont move fast, and change the look and feel every couple of years, android will take over.

The Ios haven't change since 2007!!
It stole the notification bar from Android and got a hard of hearing voice assistant... lol
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Originally Posted by Alx9876 View Post
This thing needs to be WIDER not taller.

Looks horrible btw.
I could not agree more. An unsettling thought that comes to mind is that perhaps Apple just doesn't get it.

The narrow elongated display on my iPhone 5 is like half an upgrade having maintained the same width. No benefits at all in the landscape position.

Who's the dummy that thought up this rather bizarre shape?
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Old Jan 23, 2013, 12:29 PM   #78
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Oh comeon.

So dumb.
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Old Jan 23, 2013, 01:15 PM   #79
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a real head scratcher

Hmmm.....let me think this over. What would a 5" iPhone look like?

My guess.....like an iPhone. Only bigger.

Does that make me a tech analyst?
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Old Jan 23, 2013, 01:57 PM   #80
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They wouldn't add yet another resolution. Just making it even longer wouldn't help compete with the other bigger phones. They would need to just make it flat out bigger.
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Originally Posted by j1huynh View Post
Adding another row is bad. Another column should be added or else the phone is too long.

Click image for larger version

Name:	iphone5col.png
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Lightbulb How can this work?

iOS as it is now supports 3 set of resolutions:
1x - 480x320 - 2:1
2x - 960x640 - 2:1
2x - 1136x640 - 16:19

It is logical for Apple to finally drop support for 1x devices with iOS 7, thus freeing 1 of the resolutions, apps have to support if they want to be only compatible with iOS 7 or above.

If Apple is to introduce a 2nd iPhone in 2013, I think it will make a lot more sence to produce a model that has the 5 screen size, the 4S internals and the 4 price tag and a new enclosure.

IMHO, the way to make a 4,8 inch (or a big ) iPhone will be to use the exact same UI proportions, only stretch them to the larger screen but double the resolution at the same time.

For a 4,8 in phone my math skills tell me a screen with 526ppi is needed.
This tech may not be available in 2013 but may be on the shelf in 2014.

The end result will be that a big iPhone will look instantly familiar, can use existing apps out of the box and will not require a doubling of screen density to to achieve a doubling of resolution.

Webpages and fonts will look amazing as will Full HD video as the screen will have 2272 x 1280 pixels. Because the UI elements will be 20% bigger general usage of the phone, especially with 2 hands will be a brease.

I just don't see this happening this year. Maybe in 2014
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Old Jan 24, 2013, 03:49 PM   #83
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Originally Posted by MasterHowl View Post
Looks hideous...
Looks like any other iPhone.
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Old Jan 26, 2013, 04:11 AM   #84
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iPhone 3d Rumors

Have you seen the iPhone Mock up "3d" ? (Autostereoscopic screen and 2 cameras for 3d pictures) :
Thank's for this interesting website.
Alex (Paris - France)
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Originally Posted by SpectatorHere View Post
iOS is fine, the Android community would b*tch about it regardless. iOS isn't the problem. These are the problems:

1. It's very hard to distinguish between models yet owners are expected to upgrade regularly. If you want people to upgrade you had better give them something that's easily recognizable as new.

2. Marketing/Ads and sh#t. They need to go back to selling the brand and be exciting, rebellious, and cool. Instead, they show features, they have old people and kids in them. Seriously folks, they have an ad about a second microphone...a second microphone.

3. Return to a regular update cycle and don't do stuff like the iPad 3 which was only out a few months.

4. Wow people. Apple used to know how to blow people away with artistic design. I like my iPhone 5, it's the best iPhone I've owned, but it looks weird. The iPhone and iPhone 4 were obviously Apple and obviously cool/different. The iPhone 5 is half-as#ed.

There are too many iPhone users out there right now for Apple to stop selling it's brand as new and exciting. Old people and kids do own a ton of Apple products, but that doesn't mean you should change the brand image from young, hip, and outsider.

Here's hoping someone from Apple pulls a coup and gets Tim Cook fired...he clearly doesn't get it.


Get used to it, the next iPhone design (hopefully this year, but likely not) will be 4.5-5.0".

So many people in these forums don't understand that for the great majority of people, their phone is their primary gateway to the Internet. Their primary form of communication is texting, email, facebook updates, and twitter. FAR down the list are phone calls and email.

There are plenty of small phones that already exist...go use one, they were invented in 1998. Today's smartphones are not phones in the traditional sense at all.
iOS is NOT fine. There are lot of apps out there beating the crap out of their native ones now days. In fact almost all of the new apps have stopped following the iOS guidelines when it comes down to design.

iPhone 5 has stunning industrial design that feels like its from the future, yet as soon as u switch it on, you feel like you're back in 2007 with all the chrome, shadow, bevel and emboss. Terrible cohesive experience
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Originally Posted by ctdonath View Post
While at it, how about heading the other way: the iPad Gnat, featuring an icon array size of 1x1.
(Take that previous-gen iPod nano design and bump it up to near-iPad specs!)
How about the iphone thats on a wrist strap like the Nano 6th generation sure be a lot more difficult to lose the thing and look kind of secret service as one keeps putting your wrist to your face, a phone thats,well a phone but also could look like a watch
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Old Jan 27, 2013, 06:42 PM   #87
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I'd buy it because then I wouldn't need my iPad anymore. I personally like the Note 2.

I can see Apple adding another row and column.
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The problem isn't the Height. It's the Width.

We don't need a 5-Inch Screen.

The colors would be nice though.
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