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Originally Posted by tbluhp View Post
Do you really need both?
Of course not! I typically use the iPad around the house and on flights.
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I have an iPhone 4S and a iPad 3. I use both everyday. The iPad is great for my games and most online stuff, things that are a little harder to do on the tiny iPhone screen. I adore my iPhone also as its perfect for when I leave home or just am not on my pad. For me I just gotta have both. It's just a personal preference.
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Wife and I both have an IPhone 5 plus I have an I Pad 3 and she has a Toshiba Thrive and they all get used everyday. The phones as phones and the tablet for the larger screen stuff we do.
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Originally Posted by surjavarman View Post
For those that have an ipad. Can you survive just with an ipad and a dumbphone? Or is a smartphone a necessity.

I got the rmbp15 and I am just debating if I should get a tablet or a smartphone to complement my notebook.
I did this for about 6 months after getting a cellular iPad. The full-size iPad is a bit much to carry around casually, but it can be done. The mini iPad obviously is more portable, but I'm not sure how much of a difference it truly makes. Either one would probably be fine if you wanted to go with a dumb phone, but I would recommend you get a cellular iPad if you are going this route. A much as I enjoy my iPhone, I would have no problem giving it up if needed. One definite plus is you can go with a pre-paid dumb phone to save money.
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iPad, hackintosh, iMac, MBP, iPhone, Apple TV, video camera, point-and-shoot, DSLR, iPod, iPod mini, TV, PS3, receiver, speakers, dvd player, wlan router, USB HD x 2, 24"&30" displays, mouse, keyboard, PS3 controller, plethora of remotes, piles of cables,...

I feel overwhelmed by the devices and would love to get rid of some. Like Apple television replacing current + ATV.
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I have iPhone 5, iPad 3, and 13" MBA. Each is used for different purposes. I probably use my iPad less now that I have the new MBA as compared with my previous bulkier 13" MBP. I use my iPad on the go (LTE) as well as at home for most web browsing, reading, games, and email correspondence and i get on my MBA when I want to watch Netflix or get work done. I would like to add a Nexus 7 just to learn/explore Android but can't really justify a 4th device. I do appreciate the iCloud integration among all 3 Apple devices. I love iMessage integration on MBA. Perhaps I would have less use for my iPad if the iPhone was offered with a larger screen which would make it more suitable for web browsing. As it is, I use my iPhone for email on the go, texting, phone calls, and only occasional games/ browsing (when it's the only device available).

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I have an iPhone 4S & iPad 1, both 16GB (ugh...), and yes I need both since I don't have a functioning computer after yet another windows pc has failed me. This tag team isn't ideal but it works for now.

The iPad offers room for a lot of files/media that can't fit on my perpetually crammed iPhone. I also take tons of pictures and the iPad is the only way I can get the pictures off my camera and edit/share/etc. them. I also prefer playing games on the bigger screen.
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Originally Posted by HiddenPuppy View Post
I know I will get flamed for this, but,I guess by this thought we could say no one really NEEDS a car, we could all walk or ride horses. I am sorry but I think your statement is way too general, you do not know the needs of everyone
It would certainly be pretty cool to ride the horse into work one day! No place to tie him up though

I have an iPhone 5 and iPad 3. iPad gets a lot of use both at home and the office -- nice to have an extra screen displaying a pdf while programming on the desktop, without having to switch screens on the desktop. iPhone clearly does the whole phone thing and texting; quick updates from sports & news apps as well while on the go.
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My iPad 3 gets barely any use now that I have switched to a phone with a 4.6-4.8" screen. Before, I used to use my iPhone 5 when I was out and the iPad at home. Now with the larger screen estate, I don't feel the need to bust out the iPad. This has nothing to do with the operating system, but rather the screen size and for that, I'd like to see Apple introduce an iPhone with a larger (taller AND wider) screen.
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I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad 2. I love having both because things sync across the 2 devices and so it's an easy transition. Typically use my iPad in place of a laptop.
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I used to have the whole trio, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Since I got my iPhone 5, however, I used the iPad less and less, I suppose because I enjoy the speed and 4" display on the iPhone. I also upgraded to a 64GB iPhone, which essentially made the iPad (also 64GB) a big clone of it.

I ended up selling the iPad because I came to this conclusion: when I want to use a computer, I prefer to use my Mac, and when I want to use a mobile device, I prefer to use my iPhone.
MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011) - High-Res Anti-glare, 2.3GHz QC i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD
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Originally Posted by AFDoc View Post
If you don't need one why do you own one?
I don't need a nice TV.
I don't need a good holiday every year.
I don't need a comfy bed.

Yet I have all of those things as I like to try and have a happy life. Hey, YOLO, y'know?
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I own an iPhone 5 along with an iPad Mini.

Finally feel settled with this combination of mobile devices. I keep all of my music, podcasts and utilities on the iPhone. But leave gaming, photographs and visual entertainment (television, magazines, films) on the iPad. The majority of my applications are cross-device so if I need to switch apps for a larger screen the data I'm working on usually flows nicely.
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I've got an iPad (2) and I do only use it when cooking, sometimes in college and when I am on holiday, I don't need one but I bought it because it looked cool and had the money at that time so.
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Although I really like my iPad...and find I use it more than my MacBook even at home any more just for web browsing, email & social media stuff, having it and another iOS device (iPhone 5) is kind of redundant.

I'm thinking about selling my iPad 4 when the retina Mini drops, as that seems like a more perfect sized device for traveling & reading eBooks.

As far as an Android device...tried that, and hated it. Not for me personally.
Late-2014 13.3" rMBP iPad Air 2 128gb iPhone 6
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big samm
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I have both the ipad 3 and iphone 5 and use both all the time... Ipad is for surfing the web, watch videos, read books news paper and magazines and sometimes replaces my iphone when it's charging...
Iphone is more for well talking on the phone lol, facebook , twitter, instagram text,emails, weather, siri ,tapatalk etc
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 plus, iPad 1 ,iPad 3, iPad Mini 2 Lte, Macbook air 13" 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7 8Gb ram mid 2013 15"MacBook Pro 2009 model
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I don't NEED both at all.

Just gotta have Apple products don't ya?!
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As others said, each have their own defined usage. iPhone is everywhere because its always in your pocket. iPad is for when at home briefing the Internet or with me on a trip for watching movies. Each device has pros and cons. Best to have both for no compromises!
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