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Originally Posted by flynnst0ne View Post
Speed to market! Apple lacks speed to Market. They've relied on tweaking existing products rather than coming up with new ones.
It's true. Sarcasm is silent online.
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Originally Posted by temna View Post
The real reason for the iPad 4 was to get Lightning across the whole line. The A6X was just ready early, so they said "WTF, let's add it to the iPad now. And the mini can't have a better camera than to full size, so let's upgrade that too." You know that's how it went.
Haha that's funny
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Old Feb 10, 2013, 05:30 PM   #528
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Originally Posted by jdmagoo1 View Post
Haha that's funny
Do you think I'm wrong?
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thanks man!!

Originally Posted by skinnylegs View Post
I think this should be awarded post of the year
That makes me feel good.


Originally Posted by mac&cheesey View Post
that makes me feel real good.
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Old Feb 15, 2013, 09:28 AM   #530
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Originally Posted by Hellhammer View Post
Why? Apple is a company and their only aim is to make profit. Currently they make hefty profits from the cellular models.
Because they will still make a large margin on each unit, clean up the amount of SKU's, they probably get a piece of the data plan action as well, and simplify their supply chain.

Just my opinion, I just think having wifi only models isn't necessary- maybe for education market only.

I'm also of the opinion they should make a 3G capable iPod touch. I'd save LTE for the iPhone and iPad only.
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Originally Posted by flux73 View Post
It's hard to imagine they would come out with a new model in just a month after they announce this upgrade which a few people would probably buy. It'd be kind of screwing those customers over. Imagine you buy it and then a month later they come out with the upgraded model for the same price. If they were going to do that, they would just wait a month to announce the 128GB upgrade with the new model.

Does this 128 GB move seem a little odd? Seems to me that this would kill the 64 GB model. If you're the kind of person who would need 64 GB and are willing to spend $699, it seems like a no-brainer to add $100 to get another 64 GB. I wonder which memory size hits the margin sweet spot.
Originally Posted by ChrisTX
UGH, was hoping to see a redesigned iPad coming up soon. I guess not :/
Flux: agreed, that's what I was trying to say to ChrisTX here. Why would you want to see an upgraded model THREE MONTHS after the "new" model. Seriously, that's screwing your customer base.
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Old Dec 15, 2013, 04:55 PM   #532
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with ipad being a device that spans over all social layers, and Apple having that "unifying" policy its not surprising at all that ipad wifi 16gb has a $499 tag and ipad wifi 128gb has a $799 tag. With $799 you can get an ipad AND an ipod touch OR a combo of an ipad AND appleTV & an ipod model for the rest $200.
Of course i wouln never get the 128gb because i consider the premium to be not in par with my spending tactics, because im not so rich to the point where money attractiveness has been nullified inside my brain, that haopens to rich ppl who cant find any more things they really want AND are monetized at the same time, these ppl either go on a spree (spending) , where ridiculous amounts of money are spent with no second thought. Its a helluva marketing trick too, that allows for extreme profitability in up to 5% (the luxurious products). Thats the products that are meant to be "flashed", for showing off. Rich ppl get that, or either get depressed and seek other ways to fill THAT void. For the rest of us there are cloud storages and dig.lockers, NAS, FTP, DSLR etc. i also read the 16gb is useless, its not, i am considered a very heavy user according to my traffic,even a leecher, because of video consume. iPads are top notch for streaming and if you know your way around you can use scripting/coding/batching etc to do your thing equally well.Most of the answers are biased for one reason or another, the top percentage falls for social desirability or source criticism, there are pretty nice bias lists in wikipedia which you will find very interesting.
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I think the models with more memory allow you to use paragraphs and not bump threads from 10 months ago.
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I have a 128GB mini and I am neither rich nor depressed. It fit my usage as I dont have access to high speed data when on the train, besides the LTE service, but I can either pay a premium for space on the device or pay a premium for the data to access my media elsewhere.
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