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Old Feb 19, 2013, 09:27 AM   #401
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Originally Posted by b166er View Post
At no point did I say I purchase everything Apple makes. I own three apple products, and an iPhone is not currently one of them. Apple TV, MacBook, iPad. I gave up on the iPhone a while back, so chances are if they did make an iWatch it wouldn't even pertain to me.

All I meant was, there are a lot of people on this forum who seem to think the watch was something their great grandparents used to talk about. Like watches aren't still a relevant, functional thing that some people still wear regularly.
I agree with you about wearing watches. I don't think any generation will ever stop wearing them, wearing watches has never been a fad. I love my G-Shock. I wear it with casual clothing, for work and dress wear, but IMO walking around with an Apple watch looks a little silly unless you're a kid. It would just make a grown man seem like a geeky kid that feels the need to be first on the block with his new wrist toy.
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If only I had something on me at all times...

Originally Posted by Aluminum213 View Post
if only I had something on me at all times that could tell me the time, offer maps, email, texts, browsing....
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Originally Posted by quasinormal View Post
I have had my eyes on a Ceramica fake for a while. Really good ones can be bought for about $40 in South east Asia.

Oh I fixed the image for you.(use the IMG tags-although ideally youn should download it and then upload it as an attachment, because some site owners get pissed at people hot linking their images)
Yes but make it UNFOLD and become twice as large and be able to swivel- earpiece detachable
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Old Feb 19, 2013, 09:49 AM   #404
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i hope this isn't what's happening

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Originally Posted by maxosx View Post
Apple loves tiny screens. So do their followers.
I think you misunderstood my post. I said it won't use the iPhone's UI as depicted in the mockup.
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I vote for the 5" iwatch!
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I have an extremely hard time believing Apple would release a watch as ridiculous as the one depicted in the mockup. If they do, then god help AAPL.


On a more serious note, I think this watch's best potential opportunity is medical related. A vital signs/illness "tricorder"/metabolic process/etc monitor you can have on your wrist constantly keeping track of what's going on with your body is really what would propel the "smart watch" into mainstream use. With the XPrize's medical tricorder contest already drawing workable devices I think the technology is closer than it appears. Another feature that comes to mind is emergency "SOS" signaling, being able to request police/fire/medical assistance on-the-go without having to call up a 911 center and give them your location.
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This could work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYCvIr0fWnM&t=0m41s
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Originally Posted by tech4all View Post
Yea it just screams "I'm expensive!"

Social Networking? Don't need a watch for that. It's called Real Life. Sadly many here and other forums don't have it.
Absolutely. Perhaps I'm showing my age at 36, but I miss the pre anti-social social networking years. It's a shame that more people would rather "socialize" via FB 24/7 than venture outside to meet friends (and really, who has 5,000 friends?) or carry a conversation face to face. A friend who works in H.R. has expressed his dismay with the current college graduates lacking the social skills necessary in the workplace or in general life. I couldn't believe that people would text during interviews, let along avoiding eye contact.

There are some benefits to online social networking such as keeping in better touch with friends across the planet, however it doesn't take a degree in psychology or anthropology to realize that online social media is killing us as a society.
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Originally Posted by Spungoflex View Post
So this item will be marketed specifically towards perverts?
Or thieves (you already have to watch your credit card when you pull it out for cell phone camera thieves trying to steal your number and buy new wallets to shield them if you have the new proximity chip type card as thieves need only bump up against you in line with a reader in their pocket to steal your card number). Maybe they could call such a watch, the iThief?
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Originally Posted by MacRumors View Post

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée shares his perspective on Apple's rumored "iWatch", noting that the company likely has very ambitious plans for the device given its focus on continually pushing forward the concept of a "personal computer".After walking through how Apple's iTunes Store, retail effort, software, and Apple TV all serve as ancillary offerings to support this positioning of the company's primary products as increasingly personal computers, Gassée argues that the iWatch is the next step in this progression and thus Apple will do much more than simply slap a previous-generation iPod nano into a wristband.Gassée's piece comes just as British newspaper The Observer has produced its own mockup of what an iWatch might look like given claims of Apple using Corning's bendable Willow Glass for the device.

There is no reason to believe that The Observer has any more insight into the strongly rumored Apple research project than anyone else, but the graphics which accompany the article reproduced on the sister-paper Guardian website do give an interesting feel for the difference a curved glass display could make to a smart watch and the article offers an overview of how Apple might fit into the smart watch market still in its infancy.

Article Link: Apple's Rumored iWatch as an 'Even More Personal Personal Computer'
If it can handle facetime, i'm sold!
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Originally Posted by G4DP View Post
You mean the same Samsung that have already demo'd phones with flexible/bendable screen?
Have u ever seen apple showing off sth that wont be used till like 2020( thats too much) but like that year. thats samsung lane
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flat five
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Originally Posted by xgman View Post
I vote for the 5" iwatch!
a typical wrist has a larger circumference than 5".. probably closer to 7" on average..
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Originally Posted by chairguru22 View Post
An iWatch would be at most $300?? Thats dirt cheap for a nice watch.
Yes, I know that. I was being sarcastic.
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Originally Posted by flat five View Post
a typical wrist has a larger circumference than 5".. Probably closer to 7" on average..
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Originally Posted by Gasu E. View Post
I imagine a digital readout strapped to a Marine's wrist showing where other Marines are during combat would be quite useful. Even better if information on enemy positions were available as well.
True, in theory it's a wonderful idea but... That's perfect world scenario. Maybe someone in the army might have more use but I can say for certain those ideas wouldn't play well in our environment.
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Originally Posted by HenryDJP View Post
I agree with you about wearing watches. I don't think any generation will ever stop wearing them, wearing watches has never been a fad. I love my G-Shock. I wear it with casual clothing, for work and dress wear, but IMO walking around with an Apple watch looks a little silly unless you're a kid. It would just make a grown man seem like a geeky kid that feels the need to be first on the block with his new wrist toy.
I can't agree or disagree since I've never seen an Apple watch. But I do agree that as a grown man, I like my watch to have at least a little style or just be ambiguous.
Wait... I had something for this.
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Maybe Apple is throwing us off the trail with all this watch talk.

iWatch could be the TV.
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Originally Posted by daveheinzel View Post
I was thinking maybe it could look like this...

I must say I absolutely love this design, I am one who believe you can never have to many keyboards, I think this design has everything needed, but where is the PCI slot and also where it the most popular innovative device that everyone wants in their iPhone....well......The Butane Lighter! (put it right next to headphone jack or ear speaker, with an electronic ignition with a toggle in the Notifications menu)

I also love the idea of an iRing, its fashionable yet it is an efficient tool while on the move, "One Ring to rule them......" I think an iWatch would take its Niche as far as having the ease of controlling simple song selection, repeat, volume, ext. plus a little microphone for siri commands.

Also to the skeptics, without a doubt there is a big demand and a huge niche to fill with an iWatch, as old world watches become unwanted and merely just a nostalgic wrist piece now a days. I respect the nostalgia of watch wearers, but they're old technology for a new age, that is unless your a diver, ext. and we all know those are more than just simple watches, as well they are tools with a particular use for the few professions and hobbies that require these watches. Watch makers and corporations have took a big hit since cell phones and especially smart phones took over the market, the losses are staggering and they just don't move units like they used to. I think apple has a chance to create and evolve and piece of technology that could still have a use in todays device driven society. Then again they could **** it up too, lol, by being cheap and lazy and working to much on the fashionable implications and less on innovation. Anyway i think most would agree that an iWatch should run a type of iOS with the same look and feel of an iPhone, a little more powerful version of the iPod Nano's. It should be a device that has all the functionality and use of all the times we take our phone from our pocket throughout the day just took check little things. I see a device that u can see and answer text with Siri, see and answer phone calls and be able to make phone calls. I say put a headphone jack on it, and of coarse bluetooth, and it could use the paired iPhones data connection so theres no need to add cellular antennas and unwanted bulk. Let it be up to the user whether they want to answer from their iWatch or their phone, not to mention using FaceTime from your iWatch would be a fantastic realization Sci-Fi writers on fantasized about in the 80's. Maps functionality could be interesting, chose destinations thru the watch, get all the usual direction badges and voice guidance while on your journey, A watch would be easier to look at than your phone. Also they should take this opportunity to come up with a new and innovative type of notifications just for the iWatch, I'm assuming with the patents filed recently it should have the rumored slightly curved glass and decently large display. So of coarse all the iOS standard onboard social networking features, also email, iPod and with a small uni directional speaker Siri could read you whatever you'd like without disturbing too many around you. That is if apple incorporated a new type of directional speaker, lol (call me if you want my schematics and design ideas Tim). Another feature would be an HD 720 FaceTime Camera, also a type of SBSettings menu would be nice like apple finally lifted from cydia in iOS7. Im sure app makers could figure out ways to incorporate iWatch with certain apps, even games (prop your phone up and use iWatch as a controller). Also most importantly get a good foothold in this new smart sports bands that are huge now a days, kill two niches with one stone! If they could work closely with Jawbone, maybe give Jawbone a steak in this new enterprise or buy em out. Jawbone, although they do not have the most innovative and eye-catching wrist band and no lcd, they have to most innovative and all around best tools by far. The app is phenomenal, not only can u measure your steps, but u can measure sleeping cycles and eating habits, add calories from a huge dictionary of restaurant meals and store items, it even displays nutrition info of recognized meals, also you can add your own. You can see a wealth of charts and detailed info from day to day, even over years, its absolutely genius and the best out there. Nike's Fuelband, although it looks more attractive and sexy, when compared to Jawbones Up and iPhone app, Nike's Fuelband looks like one of those homemade color bead bracelets that were all the rage back in mid 90's, and has about that much functionality for avid health nuts and even simple runners and power walkers. So partnering with Jawbone and giving the iWatch the same functionality as the Up and an intuitive info display app that works right along side of the iPhone app
for use while working out, ext. They would kill the market if Apple and Jawbone could collaborate on the iWatch! I think people with and abstract imaginative abilities can think of ways all day of how the watch niche in the market could really take off, i mean remember what everyone was saying about the iPad when rumors started surfacing, seems silly now that anything negative was said about bringing a tablet back after many fails before technology was good enough to bring a dream to life!
I think Samsungs Gear watch was definitely a step in the right direction, but I think apple can really be the ones to expand on a big idea of pairing a smart phone with a watch for everyday functionality, of coarse now a days they seem to be 2nd to the finish line yet they always have something more to offer in most ways. Id like to see what the Jailbreak/Cydia market could do with a tool like an iWatch. I sure most of you have an idea of how an iWatch could serve you and offer functionality in your daily lives. Too bad ill probably never get my hands on or finger in an iRing, I just love to idea as long as it wasn't too expensive. Imagine how much you could save just getting a custom paint job on an iRing to use to propose to your future wife, lol! Well if you read it all, thank you for your interest in this topic...

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