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Originally Posted by Wuiffi View Post
Log story short, Apple Austria is replacing my iPhone 5 (bent). After speaking to them on the phone I sent some pictures and got called back: they said, as long as there is no point of impact and the touchscreen/display is flawless it's covered by warranty. He said no iPhone until the iPhone 5 did this so it's the phones fault and not the users!
Originally Posted by theotherrogue View Post
Also just noticed this occurring on my iPhone 5. I googled it and found this thread, so I thought I may as well add some pics.

Had my iPhone 5 since December 2012. Never any problems with it. Always kept in in a Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case.

No problems to functionality of the phone though, and I don't even notice when it's in the case, so I'm not going to bother complaining to Apple about it.
This is the main reason I won't own a metal iPhone 5 series. If Apple would have used slot volume buttons like they went to on the 5C, then you wouldn't see the bending at those huge volume button holes. Hell, there's almost no metal left for support above those buttons. Don't have to be Einstein to figure that one out.
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Apple replaced my bent iPhone 5 :)


Just wanted to share my experience with the same problem.

Just want to tell you guys that I have taken care of my iPhone 5 very well from Day1. Never dropped it and have always been in a sturdy case.

I always put my iPhone in my front pocket whenever I go out... As with any other person would do. But one day I noticed that my case wasn't fitting properly. So, I took my case out to reveal that my iPhone 5 was bent! It was bent slightly at the volume buttons. I was shocked at first.. thinking how an iPhone could bend... I didn't put any pressure whatsoever and could not think of a time why my iPhone would have bent.

I still had a few days left of warranty on my iPhone so I rang my local Apple Support. The first CR guy on the phone was very sympathetic and listened to my query very well. He did say he had never heard of a case and had to transfer me to a senior advisor (which was an AppleCare Specialist). So, speaking to her about the problem, she also was puzzled but was very sympathetic and professional and asked me to take pictures of the iPhone at all angles so she could send them to the Apple Engineering Team. I quickly did so and three days later, she rang me back saying that an iPhone should not be bending like that (without purposely damaging the iPhone) and so she accepted the claim (she had authority to accept claims directly) over the phone and even arranged Express Replacement Service for me. Couldn't believe how easy it was. I would post her name and e-mail here but I think that would breach some privacy rules at MacRumor Forums and Apple. She would probably be inundated with requests for bent iPhones...

Reading other people's experiences on the internet, I thought they would decline my warranty replacement request.. but I'm stoked they didn't! I don't know why other people have been declined. Apple is pretty laid back when it comes to replacements.. But I guess it depends which person (or Genius) you get.

This is why I love Apple and keep coming back!

Anyway, any questions, feel free to ask
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Originally Posted by 3rd Rock View Post
Just a heads up....Hard to read with no Paragraphs.
Was able to read the paragraph just fine...


Originally Posted by The-Real-Deal82 View Post
So why does this bending issue not occur with every user? I wear skinny jeans, ride a bicycle, kneel down at work, put my phone in a dock in my car, and I've not encountered this with my last 2 iP5's. I think if Apple did a customer satisfaction survey and found that the majority of owners don't actually bend our iPhones, maybe they should not sell them to careless people or those demanding answers for their own stupidity in future.

It's always somebody else's fault eh?
Because its a metal alloy. Not every piece of alloy is manufactured the same. His frame could have had a defect. Ya know? That sort of thing does happen. A batch of aluminum might not have been produced up to spec. Causing it to bend at the structures weakest point.

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Originally Posted by Ryan Burgess View Post
I remember reading these forums a while ago, and stumbling upon many threads saying someone's iPhone has bent itself. I thought these people were just trolls, or wanted to get a replacemt for free...until it happened to me.

I take good care of my phone. Never dropped it, never scratched it severely, and never put it in a case. But today, I had to ride my bike to a friends house cause I didnt have a car. I put my phone in a case (I only do if I'm biking or hiking) and left. Nothing happened, I didn't crash, I wore loose jeans and everything.

Once I'm back home I take my phone out of the case and voila, it's bent. I was so shocked I ran around the house showing everyone! Then my sister brought up the fact that it was probably because of the heat. It's been in the 100's this week in San Diego and I was outside for a while biking around.

Now I'm still shocked this happened because even though it's hot, I had my phone in a case! Oh well. It's bent and there's nothing I can do. I scheduled an appointment at the Genius Bar, do you guys think they'll believe me that I didn't drop it or anything? I sure hope so because this is very weird. I took some pictures (sorry they're a little outta focus) and you'll see it bent right next to the volume buttons (consistent with other cases). Do you think apple will replace it? If anyone else has had this happen did apple replace it?

I work with phones at Best Buy and I literally saw this just yesterday. In almost the exact same place. This particular gentleman thinks he sits on his phone. I guess just being a warm phone made out of aluminum being sat on a angle will do the trick.
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As it's aluminium, I think that the heat explanation is plausible.

Hope Apple replace it for you, OP.
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It's not the heat , it's the material. Aluminum bends, poor choice.
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My son just came to me and said he was having screen problems.
I looked and his phone was BENT in the middle looks like from putting it in his pocket.
I am for THIN but this is crazy.
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