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Old May 13, 2013, 07:09 AM   #301
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Originally Posted by tdream View Post
Has Apple done anything good since Steve passed?

Don't say mini iPad, that was a reaction to the Nexus 7.
Says someone who can't even call iPod touch and iPad mini properly.
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So little is happening in the world of apple these days it's frustrating. If all we are going to see in the end of this year is a 5s with the same features, then it would seem apple has slept through this entire year.

I guess this video wasn't as far from reality as it seemed:

with all the cool new features the HTC and Samsung phones are getting. some features that are jawdroppingly cool and actually useful. If Apple doen't step up the game soon I might consider a android phone next time. And belive me, Im not saying this to start a flame, and it really would be a huge step from a apple fanboy like myself. I love my iphone but there's just nothing happening there, its like they completely stopped evolving since iphone 4. iphone 5 is hardly anything new, except a hardly noticable bigger screen. have apple used up all of steve jobs 5 year plan all ready? Even rumor sites have nothing to talk about these days, and it's not because its all double down secrets, its simply because there nothing going on, not a single new product or announcement in nearly 6 months.
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Old May 13, 2013, 07:47 AM   #303
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I can see the major problem here is how do you transfer an extended warranty from one person to another. I envision Apple requiring adding of a Mac Device at the time of NEW purchase from Apple in order to get on extended warranty account and that is a money grab.

Then you have the questions:
- How do I transfer the warranty? If I can't, that SUCKS and is a money grab as it encourages all customers to think about buying new, rather than used.
- Why would I pay a monthly fees for the first year when it has a warranty by default. Double Pay?
- Can I add a device that I buy used within the 1st year of its life? How does that work?

Apple really needs to turn back to customer focused. Usually companies resolve to these tactics when they are bleeding cash and trying to find a way to survive. Apple seems to have a volcano of extra cash, which again makes this very insulting.

I guess their spaceship campus needs some fundraising....
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Old May 13, 2013, 07:56 AM   #304
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Originally Posted by gnasher729 View Post
Of course they will. "Oow replacement" = out of warranty replacement. In other words, the customer always had the choice to fix problems that are not covered by warranty by _paying_ for a refurbished replacement iPhone. More expensive than for example replacing a screen. The point is that when Apple fixes a problem _for free_ they will choose a cheaper method than supplying a replacement phone.
Ok, so if I break my screen with AC+, Apple will still replace the phone and not just replace the screen?
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Old May 13, 2013, 08:20 AM   #305
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Originally Posted by Simplicated View Post
Says someone who can't even call iPod touch and iPad mini properly.
So the answer is no, just as I suspected.
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Old May 13, 2013, 08:29 AM   #306
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The next MR post will likely be "Apple purchases U Break I Fix" to support new service.
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Old May 13, 2013, 09:12 AM   #307
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Originally Posted by FunkDat View Post
When is the last time most of you were in an Apple store? They've been doing display replacements on iPhones since the 3G, and component repairs since the 4. Component repair started YEARS ago. The only newsworthy things are that they're talking about doing displays on 5s (I've already had a battery and a speaker repair, and both took less than 15 min) and that Apple Care is looking to go subscription, which seems to me to be a better idea than a one time, one device payment.

They didn't say anything about changing how Apple Care + works, and nothing new as far as repair strategy goes (again, they've been doing in for many years now).

The chorus of boos is absolutely overblown and childish.[COLOR="#808080"]

The only new ideas here are:
  • AppleCare moving to a subscription model
  • iPhone 5 will have more component repairs made possible in store (this has been rumored within days of its release anyway)

Repairs to Macs have been performed in store (with option of mailing to depot for quicker service or due to parts constraint) for what, 12 years now? iPhone component repairs have been occurring in store since 2009, starting with 3G & 3GS display repairs and moving into more components (cameras, batteries, vibrate motors, etc) with the newer models. The iPhone repairs have (and likely always will be) all been considered a maximum of 0-30 repairs, meaning they should absolutely not take longer than 30 minutes to repair, since day one. Realistically, with the tools & repair procedures in Apple stores, they should take an average of 5-10 minutes to repair for the vast majority of employees, be them a Genius or Family Room Specialist.

So what's different? More of an emphasis on actual repair rather than full device swaps? This has been the idea for years but full device swaps have dominated due to ease of getting someone & and out the door quickly thanks to high customer volume and wonky customer expectations of "This here device is a lemon, it's glitching on me, gimme a new one!" So now we may see a stronger push to tilt the scales, with the results being less waste, better customer education (your device isn't just a big chunk of magic, it actually has replaceable parts!), much less hassle with having to restore information, etc. Assuming (which can be dangerous) that Apple is matching staffing, queueing, etc to make the new push towards more repairs then the appointment times shouldn't take a noticeable hit. The majority of the time you'll still be able to walk in to one of close to 400 Apple stores, meet with your Genius / FRS and leave within 10-30 minutes with your device repaired. Seriously, who else out there has a repair model that can match this?

The only thing I'm nervous about is how the subscription model will work out. Having AppleCare attached to serial numbers has been absolutely phenomenal for the used market. At work (Mac Admin for 100+ Macs) it will be great as I'm sure there will be some sort of corporate plan to cover us. At home though I may have to start buying only new Macs / devices, which could be costly.

Originally Posted by Dark-Sider View Post
The main thing apple misses is on site next business support.
I love this for our dell laptops. With MB-Pros and Airs and iMacs it's always a crappy drive through town and dumping the stuff at a repair service. If you are lucky you'll get your stuff back the next day or week.

What's keeping them from offering on site service probably is that they build hard-to-fix hardware in the first place! iMacs that are glued or need suction devices... well...
They've had onsite service for years. I don't know exactly how long but I recall eMacs and CRT iMacs being repaired onsite, so it's been a while.

AppleCare for iMac overview

One stop for technical support

Because Apple designs the computer, the operating system, and many applications, the Mac is a truly integrated system. And only the AppleCare Protection Plan gives you one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call. Here’s what you get:
- Direct access to Apple experts
- Global repair coverage1
- Onsite repair: Request that a technician come to your work site
- Carry-in repair: Take your Mac to an Apple Retail Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider
With that said, I don't know of any actual onsite technicians being Apple employees however the strict requirement of being an Apple authorized onsite technician (meaning, in order for Apple to call you with the repair) is that you are currently certified by Apple to perform hardware / software repairs. The level of service you receive onsite should be at the same level or higher than you would in a retail store.
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Originally Posted by iDabble View Post
i don't think you guys realize what a crazy sense of entitlement the genius bar has given apple customers (as evident in this thread...)

you wouldn't believe the number of perfectly fine devices with absolutely nothing wrong with them that get swapped out because customers raise hell. this is a direct result of that.

if they only swapped the truly defective devices at the bar then they'd be able to afford to keep it going. but customers have abused the hell out of this policy and this is what happens.

and to those whining about the modular repairs, none of the repairs takes any more than 15 minutes. the most time consuming part of getting it repaired will most likely be you complaining to your tech that you want a new one.
Paying lot of money to buy a idevice or mac computers REQUIRES HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENT. I didn't pay 600-3k to get my computers and idevices to get replaced with junk quality parts.
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Old May 13, 2013, 10:09 AM   #309
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Originally Posted by canucksfan88 View Post
once something (laptop, phone, iPad, tablet, etc) is opened up, its never the same.
they dont give you a brand new replacement you realise...
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true yes

Originally Posted by iSayuSay View Post
When it's DOA, it will always be a replacement, also you get 14 days return period, no question asked, that's including DOA case .. But when you have AppleCare and you've used your product for let's say 8 or 16 months. Why don't let them try to fix it?

Plus it's likely I don't have to restore all the data with the old unit, when with replacement, restore is an absolute case, and burdensome.
I understand what you're saying, it makes sense if the repairs are done correctly. I suppose when it comes time to upgrade this 2010 iMac I'll see where AppleCare stands as far as Macs.

I don't like the subscription angle, but if they could indeed fix my iPhone rather than swap out for refurb, that's fine.
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I really think that customers will not benefit from this new "improvement" in Apple care policy. TBH it's improvement for their bank accaunt,but for us,i really think they preparing a plan how to ripp us off.
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Originally Posted by mattcube64 View Post
Really not a fan of this at all.

If they can fix it on the spot... ie: less than an hour... I guess I can deal. But if I have to come back, that's awful - my Apple Store is about 45 minutes away in good traffic.

Also... what about AC+? If I shatter my screen do I still have to wait? That's stupid for $100+$50.
I agree with you. I also cannot get past this idea that its going to cost a lot over time to subscribe. Even at $15 a month, you're looking at $180 a year. I'd rather just pay up front and get service.
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Old May 13, 2013, 11:30 AM   #313
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Originally Posted by nick_elt View Post
they dont give you a brand new replacement you realise...
yes but it is not done by the local "genius" staff who sometimes have no idea what the heck they are doing
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Originally Posted by gnasher729 View Post
I'd love to have a phone with resoldered parts. Not.
Believe me both phones I had sent to the warranty and had the main board replaced none of them worked properly afterwards.
I doubt that it was related to the resolder though, more due to the fact that the boards were previously owned and they had some issue and they were either returned or sent to warranty and then reworked (or not).
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Front end Genius staff may not be the same person doing the technical work in the back room.

Originally Posted by canucksfan88 View Post
yes but it is not done by the local "genius" staff who sometimes have no idea what the heck they are doing
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Old May 14, 2013, 11:26 AM   #316
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Originally Posted by etrinh View Post
Front end Genius staff may not be the same person doing the technical work in the back room.
i know that....
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Old May 15, 2013, 12:56 AM   #317
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You didn't read this too well I suppose. It is a Macrumor not an Apple fact. Your AppleCare is safe for now. Lets see what Apple really says about the new policy before we get our panties in a bunch.

Originally Posted by ZipZap View Post
I am sorry but in store repairs by unskilled labor...A BIG MISTAKE!

I presume that this is for new sales?

I bought my Applecare under the presumption that I would get a swap. I will demand that for the term of my warranty.
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Apple also charged us more for this swap out no? Originally there was apple care then now apple care + hence extra charges etc? $50 repair on top of apple care +? I was told by Apple reps that since they did swaps instead of repairs thats why there would be higher costs! I feels like the Apple reps lied to me.

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Old May 22, 2013, 02:12 PM   #319
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this policy is in full effect in ohio now.. tried to get phone exchanged tuesday and was shot down, instead they wanted to repair it. i didnt have time to wait around but they insisted on repairing, they repaired it but not to my liking, went to another store and got a new one.
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I wonder if you had an AppleCare subscription whether you'd be able to add used gear that you purchase to it?
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I am ok with that...especially if they can replace the logic board. It also helps Apple too. If for example your iPhone has some scuffs around the side or whatever they probably can't do much with it any ways. However, I am sure if the same problem occurs a few times they will replace the device.
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Great.... Not....

What if you do not have an Apple Store near you? Send your device in and not have it for a few days? No thanks! Send me a replacement and put a hold on my card. I'll send the old, defective one to you so I am not without a device...
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