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Anyone else think its more likely to see a 'lower cost' iPhone in June(ish) and the 5S in September(ish)? I cant imagine the 5 being Flagship for such a short time and I cant imagine ios7 being ready unless its a minor release.

I suspect the cheaper one will roll out first possibly with iOS 6.something followed by a later iPhone 5Swith iOS 7. They need to make the cheaper iPhone look cheaper and older so not to hurt the normal iPhone sales. If the cheaper is the newest product in the line up for the run up to christmas it might look a more attractive option?
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Mike MA
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Originally Posted by crisss1205 View Post
Analysts are paid to make up rumors to get the market stirring. He has no source for this but his imagination.
Exactly. But one might also ask if every analyst's guess based on imagination/sources really needs to be distributed though (including this rumors site).

This is actually something that came up with the growing success of the iPhone. I can't remember an equal number of analysts predictions provided before that time. I understand the mechanism of the market, but the distribution of the predictions should also be handled on a more selective basis.
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Originally Posted by SoAnyway View Post
As usual, I stopped reading at "analyst".
Originally Posted by anberlinairlift View Post
Stopped reading after "Analyst Predicts"
No you didnt..
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I am thinking there will be some announcements and iOS7 shown at the WWDC, maybe a bump in the MBA, or MBP but iPhone 5S not until Sept-Oct time frame, however I assume that is when iOS7 will be available to all. I wonder if iOS7 will support the 3GS, 4, 4S, my guess is no 3GS or 4 Support, but who knows.

I will be keeping my IP5 until 2014 when hopefully the bigger screened IP6 or whatever it will be called comes out. Tired of upgrading and wasting money every year and dealing with selling the old one on eBay, what a waste of time
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If I'm make a prediction that Apple will release a watch sometimes before the end of the year and that this prediction is based on me guessing...

...does that make me an analyst? Will somebody pay me for this?

You have to hand it to the guy: he really gets paid!
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Apple will update their iphone and ipad line this year - NOW I'M AN ANALYST, Where's my 200k per year for my amazing predictions!!
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Originally Posted by daneoni View Post
Where do i sign up to be paid to spew BS with a 50/50 probability year in year out?
Here's the ones starting with "A":

Firms and last names starting with: A

Aberdeen Group
Aberdeen Group, a Harte Hanks company, is a leading provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen has established the market leading position as the “voice that matters” when it comes to understanding … Continue reading →

ABI Research
ABI Research provides in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting of emerging trends in global connectivity. From offices in North America, Europe and Asia, ABI Research’s worldwide team of experts advise thousands of decision makers through 25 research and advisory services: 4G, … Continue reading →

Acacia Research Group
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Access Intelligence
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AccuStream iMedia Research
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ACG Research
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Advanced Communications & Media
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Advanced Forecasting
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Africa Analysis
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Aite Group
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Alfred Poor’s HDTV Resource Center
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Ambient Insight
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Access Markets International Partners, Inc. (AMI-Partners), specializes in IT, Internet, telecommunications and business services strategy, venture capital, and actionable market intelligence — with a strong focus on global small and medium businesses (SMBs), and extending into large enterprises and home-based … Continue reading →

AMR Research
See Gartner for description.

Analysys International
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Andrew Seybold, Inc.
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Annex Research
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Aragon Research
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Asia Pacific Research Group
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ATLANTIC-ACM is a leading provider of strategic research and consulting services serving the telecommunications and information industries. The company assists clients in evaluating telecommunications opportunities for successful investment, market entry, and long-term planning. Founded by Dr. Judy Reed Smith, a … Continue reading →

25 more pages at http://analystdirectory.barbarafrench.net
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I could care less if its June or not because faster processor, better camera, etc... aren't going to cut it this time around for me or I would imagine most people.
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Originally Posted by ChrisCW11 View Post
I mean, why get excited?

A CPU revision? A few tenths of a millimeter shaved of the dimensions, a few grams lighter, a bump in the iOS version. Maybe larger screen that only fits one more row of the same sized icons, but 90% of apps are letter boxed anyways?

iPhone rollouts are becoming mundane and uninspired, almost comical really.

Until Apple does a complete UI revamp of iOS or some stunning design changes then I don't see why people should get excited about an iPhone release these days, and I don't understand why people would stand in line to replace their iPhone 5 with 5s on the day its released. Why buy a phone where everything just works the same way as the last iPhone you owned?

I want Apple to be innovative and ahead of the curve again, but lately they are not even playing catch up anymore. They seem to be lost in their own little reality field, you know, the same way RIM was when the iPhone was first released, just before they lost most of their marketshare.

Inspiration through apathy. If all there is to look forward from Apple is a watch, then they lost everything they have gained over the last 5 years.
What kind of innovation for a smartphone do you expect these days?
There cannot be a revolution every 5 years. These days phones are getting faster and "better".
A smartwatch could be the next. Needed: Flex-display plus flex-battery.
But consumer technology is not that far yet.
Maybe (just maybe) it´s you lacking imagination.
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How about fix iTunes 11. Fix Match. How about some real battery life so Im not spending 100$ on a ugly Mophie with every phone? Quick neutering OSX like iOS. How about I dont care about a watch. How about innovative value? This is retarded I know very few people who got a 5. I wont get another one [if I do] til 6.

All really stupid.

Wireless charging, good battery, NFC could be cool but I live fine without. Id also like to see my supposed LTE phone and iPad actually be on LTE and not 3G carriers... seriously [and I live in the middle of the westside of LA]. Were getting ripped off. Your favorite customer Apple 6-7 years ago is looking off into the Samsung horizon more and more
face the mirror...
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Originally Posted by DerfBWH View Post
Any source link for this, MacRumors?
took the words right from my mouth... I was thinking the same thing.. All this guy has to do is read macrumors from a few weeks back and he'll look like a wizard with mystical powers....

Hell, I should be a senior analyst. As long as I have access to macrumors, I'll make millions!!!!
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Low-cost iPhone models? Just like samsung galaxy s3 mini vs galaxy s3, s4 vs. galaxy s4 mini. May be apple make a wise decision.
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