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Originally Posted by GermanyChris View Post
You were a college student in the early and mid 1940's and you mom is only 74?
The phrase "at an age" means "at approximately the same age." It is frequently used when comparing two individuals, when one of them has done something remarkable due to either their youth or advanced age.


At an age when most boys are playing with sticks and balls both Beethoven and Mozart were accomplished composers.

(This doesn't mean Mozart and Beethoven lived at the same time. Note also the interesting use of the present tense - boys are playing - even though Mozart and Beethoven have been dead for centuries.)

Exercise guru Jack LaLanne performed amazing feats of strength at an age when most senior citizens have trouble climbing stairs.

The phrase is particularly useful because it suggests an approximate range of ages. When I wrote my original post, I didn't know exactly how old George H.W. Bush was when he was shot down in WWII. But I did know he left University to join the Navy. I didn't want to use the more precise "at the same age" - because it is possible that he might have been been technically slightly older or younger than I was when I was a "feckless college kid."
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Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
I have nothing good to say about any of the Bush family...but I have to give props to the old man, it was a nice gesture.
I have nothing great to say about bush in general.

It's nice that he has done that. Decent even.
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Hah, looks like I fuelled some flames. Apologies. I didn't mean to slam Bush himself, but rather everyone who gets all excited about something like this that really does nothing whatsoever for cancer research. It was a nice gesture for sure, but why does that get so much more attention than the scientists that are working hard to develop treatments?

Also, sorry for saying 'cure' for cancer. I know full well that cancer can't be eradicated like smallpox, but hopefully we can soon discover treatments that will reach 100% effectiveness.
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Originally Posted by Mac'nCheese View Post
This is nice for those involved but stop face booking every time some 2nd grade class shaves their head for the one kid who has cancer. It's just not original or newsworthy at all anymore. It's about as original as letting the retarded kid score a basket during the last game of the year. Nice for all involved but don't need to see it as THE MOST HEARTBREAKING VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE.
Does it matter if it isn't original? Isn't it more important that a young child feels better because lots of people are trying to help him and make him feel 'normal' again, plus helping to raise expenses? Surely that's more important that whether it makes good facebook reading or not.
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[/COLOR]That's why I wrote its nice for them. Never said people should stop doing nice things just stop with the lets make this about me posts and the most heartbreaking thing you'll ever see posts.
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Originally Posted by Mac'nCheese View Post
just stop with the lets make this about me
And that is, ultimately, what I find so distasteful about our whole "bumper sticker and lapel pin" culture today.

These gestures are just that: ultimately meaningless, useless - and usually self-serving - affirmations.

Wearing a pink ribbon in your lapel? Great. But what tangible thing have you done for someone suffering from breast cancer? Picked up her laundry? Driven her to chemotherapy?

If you haven't done that - then wearing that ribbon is more about you than it is about the person dealing with a disease. Its a way of telling the world "Hey - I'm a good person. I'm wearing a ribbon.." (shaved my head, ran a 5K, slapped a bumper sticker on my Escalade...)

If you do things to help those less fortunate than yourself - then God Bless you. But do your good works quietly. God himself knows very well when you've done good. The lapel pin or the bumper sticker, the fun-run t-shirt and the yellow wrist-band: thats about YOU. It sure as heck isn't about the person in pain.
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Originally Posted by FootWedge18 View Post
A nice gesture and it helps draw attention to Leukemia awareness. My 3 year grandson was diagnosed with leukemia last August.

At the risk of violating the forum rules, I'd invite you to send a few dollars to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to aid in research to end this disease.

Done and done. I hope your grandson is responding to treatment. Be strong for the little fella.
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