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Are you sure its the service battery notification and not apples "time to buy a new mac were discontinuing your model" notification

But seriously, ive never know a company whos supposidly renowned for build quality and quality parts to have such a crap quality control on parts, especially the battery in its products, be it iPhone, macbooks or iPads, everyone i have know , including my own experince, with "portable" mac products have been that the batterys start to fail at 6months - 1 year on average, and if your lucky, last through to 3yrs, which is when apple excpects you to bin your old apple product and buy a new one... or at least used too, since the iPhone release apple seems to think people will upgrade yearly, and seem to have reduced the quality testing on parts to reflect this "Excpected obsolesance" in its products.

I love my mac products, i just expect the batteries to either last 5 yrs and still get me through the day (like my old Fujitisu laptop which STILL has 70% max charge left after what now must be 1500-2000+ cycles and approaching its 5th year of service, or my Playstation Portable battery which has been in it since launch and still seems to get around the same amount of life for gaming portable give or take an hour)

My Macbook pro however, is on its 4th battery since its mid 2008 purchase,

1st battery lasted 32 cycles before being "consumed"- replaced in march 2009,

2nd battery was killed when i upgraded to snow leapord at 8 cycles again "consumed" had to argue with apple that SL had killed it, took 4 months to get a FREE replacment ,

3rd battery got me through from July 2009 to Feb 2010 and again "consumed" at 68 cycles, the 4th battery is doing better, its up to 132 cycles and 86% life left, but im watching it now, as its around this % that the other batteries started losing 5-10% a day until being consumed.

According to apple these batteries, if cared for and calibrated correclty should hold 80% charge after 800 cycles...

not my experience, or that of 2 other friends i have with macbooks of various flavours and ages, at least my battery is easily replacable.
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Originally Posted by WORDLYPURRFECT View Post
Same thing here.... brand new 17 " MBP, purchased september 09. January 2010, Service battery message several time. Took it in to Apple store, did battery test while I waited; all tests on battery at apple store were fine. Happened again, spoke to applecare, store swapped battery and charger. fast forward to April 2010, service battery- again in apple store for checkup- nothing wrong with battery but the computer was missing a thermosync something-or-other, which they put in, ran more tests- battery tests came out fine. My MBP didn't- it had a small dent on the top lid!! I have to bring it in for them to replace when the part comes in. Got the MBP HOME and.... guess what?? SERVICE BATTERY AND my control key didn't work, but that's another story. Spoke to applecare again, very frustrated. They spoke to the store, bringing it back in for further test, and a new display and top cover to correct their damage (can't figure out HOW!) and control key, and check battery AGAIN. Apple care was nice, offered me a gift- between $50 and $100. Picked out a laptop BAG and got it in two days! great in good faith gesture, but does't change the problems I'm having, IN THE MEANTIME... no service battery YET, but computer is going back in tomorrow. It's like when you go to the dentist and your tooth stops hurting! My guess is that they will find nothing. INSIST on them swapping out your battery... at least this time!
How did you proove that dent wasn't caused by you? Maybe I'm jaded, but I would think they would just deny they caused it, etc.

On a second note, did someone just say the mba battery isn't replaceable?
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Originally Posted by Cammerz
If anyone has had their battery serviced could you tell me if they check your hard drive or anything like that or do they JUST check the status of your battery?
I had it done on a rev a MBA 3 months ago in which I had a photofast 256gb ssd. The genius did some sort of system scan including ssd CPU ram etc before logging it in for the service. They expressed no concerns re the ssd and replaced the screen to avoid the hinge problem known on this mode (even though its almost 3yrs old with no issues)l. No probs at all.
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Youtube Fix worked for me with one battery

1.Do a static discharge (take out the battery and magsafe power cord and then hold the power button for 30 seconds, this takes all the power out of the computer and often works for when the computer wont even turn on)

2.Put the magsafe power cord in, wait until the led light turns green

3. Put the battery in

2nd battery no luck though..I'll try what yall said about running it completely out of juice and then charging it up completely...my problem is though that it shuts off after 2 minutes...this should be fun.

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macbook air, service battery

macbook air,
service battery message appeared when clicking on battery icon
partially screen went black and mba had to be restarted

(resetting SMC)

then unplugging power adapter, letting mba go to sleep due to 0% battery power
trying to restart after sleep mode starts, power adapter still unplugged.

replugging power adapter, starting up mba again.

"service battery" message disappeared. mba is charging

hope it helps.
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