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Old Dec 13, 2012, 02:13 PM   #51
The iGentleman
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Originally Posted by Prime85 View Post
Obviously if it lags and shuts down apps it can't manage memory, and android has always been like that. Why are you even in an apple forum if you don't like apple products?
Not sure what year you're getting your information from, but this hasn't been an issue in quite some time. I don't have issues with lag at all, and I NEVER have an app shut down. I literally can open my browser and it can still be in the exact same state it was in a week ago.

I know the flaws of android and iOS since I have owned them both. What annoys me is when fanboys think their phones are perfect without flaws. Android is good but it still has the same problems with memory it always has. Learn a little about how a phone works before you try to be a smart a**.
It appears the "flaws" you "know" are a bit dated. Owning an old Android phone, or having owned one years ago, does not translate to knowing the current state of the platform.

Originally Posted by cnev3 View Post
I gave Android a good honest try and got burned.

My android phone had a lot of issues. Keyboard input lagged. Screen brightness would go to brightest or darkest (with auto brightness setting off). Icons would disappear. Apps would crash daily. Having the virus scans everytime I rebooted or reinserted the SD card was very annoying. And I would restart multiple times a day to troubleshoot issues. I paid $7 for Modern Combat 3 and the framerate was so bad it was unplayable. Phone would freeze randomly. Screen scrolling was janky. I reset the phone several times. I updated the firmware to the latest. I never rooted it. But it was still unreliable.

But the technical issues werent actually the dealbreaker. It was all my favorite apps on iOS that I found were not on Android. And even worse, apps that I found did not even have something comparable on Android. I was disappointed Amplitube wasn't on Android, but was even more disappointed that Android doesnt have a single app that lets you plug in a guitar and use amp modeling and effects. This also happened when I tried to find an app like Garage Band, iTunes U, and iMovie. As well as countless games. I missed Street Fighter Volt the most.

And I just prefer iOS. It's more elegant, and intuitive. Whatever given task you need to do takes fewer steps to complete with iOS. You can get things done faster with fewer hassles in my experience.

And I never used Widgets. Having info from them was not worth the cost of CPU, RAM, and Battery life usage.

As far as customizations, I can use Cydia for any extra tweeks. With iCloud support games, now I can play Vice City on my iPod Touch when I am away from home, and continue where I left off when I get back home and I use my iPad. Same thing with taking notes and photos, and text conversations.

One thing I definitely do miss is SWYPE. And Google Maps, but it's coming back to iOS, so thats soon to be a non issue.

So I sold my Samsung on Craigslist. Cancelled my T-Mobile plan, and went back to using a dumbphone (on a family plan with 5 others that made it almost free) plus a 5th gen iPod Touch, and i'm much happier.

People argue a lot about which platform is best. But the fact is, everyone has different wants and needs. Everyone should give both a try, and stay with the one they liked the most. I know I did.
And it was a Samsung that did this? Sounds like you were using the first Galaxy S. Or to put it more bluntly, it sounds more like you just put together a list of things you think are flaws in Android (which would be quite inaccurate), and blamed it on an unnamed phone. Even a phone as old as the Galaxy S2 would not be exhibiting the issues you stated, so either you were using an original Galaxy S, or this is just made up.

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Originally Posted by Prime85 View Post
Not true, I had androids flagship phone the S3 before getting the iPhone 5 and that got laggy every so often. It is definitely not as stable as iOS.
Originally Posted by ercsliberty View Post
im sure it will, no doubt, but its not there YET.
Actually, while I agree the US GS3 with the Snapdragon does have lag, the Note 2 with the 1.6GHz Exynos Quad doesn't lag during use, and is the first Android phone I've come across that is lag free in the same way iOS is "lag free". If the GS3 didn't do it for you, you'll have to pick up a Note 2, Nexus 4, Droid DNA or wait a little longer for other smartphones this fast because they can provide lag free Android which is awesome I might add.
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Old Dec 13, 2012, 03:23 PM   #53
Black Magic
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Originally Posted by phositadc View Post
I've been an Android user for years. Currently own a Nexus 4. The launch fiasco combined with the massive size of it have me, for the first time ever, considering an iPhone. I did a search and read a lot of posts about pros/cons of the platforms and am still uncertain. If you have switched from Android to iPhone, or vice versa, could you please post what you view as the top 3-5 things you like and/or miss about each system?

For me, I think it would be something like this:

iPhone: 1) perfect size, 2) regular, reliable OS updates, 3) it "just works," 4) better battery life.

Android:1) widgets, 2) quick toggles for wifi/gps/bluetooth etc, 3) custom keyboards such as Swype, 4) notification LED! (at least on some Androids), 5) Google Maps!

Overall, I think there are more pros to android than there are to iOS, in terms of sheer numbers. However, the pros to iOS to me are more significant. For instance, I don't know why, but I just HATE the huge crop of 4.7" android phones that dominate the high-end androids these days. I think I'd give up, e.g., widgets and quick toggles for a reasonably-sized phone if I had the choice.

Anyways, would love to see succinct list of what other users of both operating systems think. And, if you switched from Android to iPhone, please let me know if you are overall happy or unhappy with the iPhone.


I won't give you a list but I will expand on some things you brought up that you like on the Android and why they may not matter on the iPhone.

You said you like toggling settings and such like bluetooth or wifi. On the iPhone, I don't care for that feature because the battery life is so good I leave it all on with no consequence to me. With Android you need those features because battery life usually sucks on those phones. I know, I had an EVO.

Widgets don't do anything for me. I use Siri.

Different software keyboards would be nice but the standard one that comes with IOS isnt bad at all for me.

Notification light would be nice but I don't miss it because in meetings my phone will vibrate and Ill check it if need be.

I left Android and will never look back. Design and Ecosystem are huge. Plus it just works. I don't have time to be tinkering and troubleshooting my communication device. I want it to WORK!
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Originally Posted by Black Magic View Post
Design and Ecosystem are huge. Plus it just works.
I went from an iPhone to a Note II and found everything to "just work". Before, I only used gmail but found googles ecosystem to work smooth and flawlessly with a lot more features.
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Old Dec 13, 2012, 05:16 PM   #55
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Going back and forth...

Android Pros:
-More devices
-Latest specs

Android Cons:
-Laggy, unreliable, unpredictable
-Clunky at times
-Not one maker has nailed the hardware perfectly for me

iPhone Pros:
-Most reliable
-Nails the hardware all the time (camera included)
-More apps at a higher quality
-Ecosystem that just works

iPhone Cons:
-Boring iOS
-Off-contract price
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